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  1. because of this, i am thinking drop curry for kennard but, lest see if he play vs toronto
  2. maybe dieng now... waiting for tomorrow games
  3. lost for cleveland? no post-season for this guys... hope for no set backs
  4. bad in FT? humm i have the best team in fts...
  5. no prob in punt FG with devonte and harden 🤣
  6. already have curry with no IR... so much offer in my WW, but only top50 guys...kennard...otto, lauri...holmes not ez, waiting for the timetable until friday
  7. Marquese Chriss has taken over the starting center role for the injury-ravaged Warriors and has a chance to do so again next season.
  8. Andrew Greif @AndrewGreif This is the same hamstring that caused George to miss several games last month. Obviously, not a good development for PG and LA, but he does have a weeklong break upcoming.
  9. this guy dont try ball, no shoot...only try to pass