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  1. I would always ask... you start a negotiation without the player, so you won't be worst than that I would go for the blocks... Hassan is giving me tons of them on Roto league and he will protect your rebounds also. He is not drummond, but it might be easier to get. Isaac? Is he available? Gotta look for what the GMs who have those guys are looking for... Maybe you can give up some points. Also, be careful with the trades... If KLove goes to Portland or Utah, for example, considering that Whiteside and Gobbert might be affected (for good or bad). Also let's see what Ayton can give you when he is back.
  2. Can you get Hassan Whiteside? Of course I'd choose Drummond, but I am guessing he is out of reach...
  3. How are the standings? What categorie do you need to improve regarding your rivals? Ayton is almost back and should help you in some of them, for example.
  4. I hope he does not get a place in the starting line up. He has way more freedom as a bench player and top 2 scoring option in the second unit.
  5. I wouldn't do it on the other side of the trade, but It depends on the rest of your roster, doesn't it? Maybe someone more experienced can help you better, but Pascal is a really good asset. Gobert has started slowly and although his rebounds are coming, the blocks and points are not there yet.
  6. I Many teams want him... I am getting trades almost every day... Lavine, Aldrige... Even Griffin or Paul George for Eric + someone to be discussed...
  7. Last year I would agree but the three of them have started really low... it's my first year playing fantasy but I don't know how much should I wait.
  8. Not even for Westbrook? I was offered a trade RW and a medium level center for Bledsoe, Jamal Murray and Gobert... (my rebounds and field goal % are fine), but I am doing really bad in points...
  9. Hi @teamshameless, the rule seems fine and fair to me, but as others users I am new both in the forum and in fantasy basketball. I'd love to help with your Qs, but I might not be that helpful yet. If we (rooks) have Qs, is there a way we could ask them without bothering the "vets" while we learn enough to become usefull tools for them too? Thanks!