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  1. Why does Butker keep missing PATs every single game? I took him as the second kicker off the board, he has to be on pace to break the record for missed PATs
  2. Well I drafted him and this is a good spot, guess I'll start him over Brady. Hoping his anger pays off against that weak secondary, but it's a gamble
  3. I have the same issue, I drafted A Rodgers about ten rounds earlier than I drafted Brady, but Brady has been starting for me. Are you worried about Brady this week going to Buffalo? I'm thinking of starting Rodgers against that weak PHI secondary, but Brady's floor seems so high right now that it's hard to not start him.
  4. I own Olsen in every league I'm in, just go with him while he's healthy, he's a top 20 all time TE. I am struggling with whether to start Brady or Rodgers though. I hate that I drafted Rodgers about ten rounds earlier than Brady. I think I'm going with Rodgers considering the matchups but it's a toss up
  5. I drafted him in the final round but didn't expect such a quick payoff. I started Kyle Rudolph and his 0 points instead of TJH. I think I'm gonna roll with this kid from now on despite the uncertainty of rookie TEs, he looks like he could be a special case
  6. My worry is that Dallas gets up early and Dak doesn't really need to do anything but hand the ball of whereas Goff could be in a more competitive game. Any more thoughts?
  7. As a Skins fan I'd go with Guice but maybe I'm biased. They may make AP a healthy scratch, Guice is getting all the carries, looks great, and can catch better than people think. Use Guice.
  8. I picked Goff as my starter, but he's not as good on the road especially after that long flight to CAR and this seems like a good week to start Dak who's looking for a new contract against a weak NYG team at home. Thoughts?
  9. I'm a Redskins fan, but I didn't draft any Redskins. Guice is a HUGE talent and he'll have a decent game here and there, but we suck. Just look at the Redskins depth chart. They have by far the worst receivers in the league and best in the world Trent Williams is not around at LT. The skins only hope is that their D can help, which I think is a top 5 D this year. If I'm wrong about the D being amazing, then Guice owners are in trouble. I suspect a slow start unless Haskins saves the day or Trent shows up at LT
  10. I took him early but I was already worried. I backed him up with Brady and Trubisky (who looked even worse). If it's true he doesn't have as much freedom in this offense to call plays there may be too many learning pains here in this offense
  11. I picked him 4th to last just because my other TE is weak and why not. Jesse James isn't bad though right? I mean I know James is more a blocker but I bet they use him just as much and it cuts into what TJH could do, plus rookie. I see him as my first cut a FA unless he blows up week 1.
  12. I think I'm gonna start Fuller over him this week until he proves himself, but high hopes
  13. If you think Gruden is changing his offense and only throwing 15 times against the Giants you haven't watched enough Redskins games. If Sanches is healthy he's throwing at least 25-35 times as I assume my Redskins will be losing. I'd rather watch him try to play QB than any of the other guys available right now. Obviously Kaep's girlfriend/ handler would never let him sign with a team with a racist Hitler name like the Redskins, so I don't even know why Rotoworld is acting like that's an option for us.
  14. I somehow have Cam and Ryan in my main league and keep picking the wrong one, but they both always do great. Leaning toward Ryan at CLE this week over Cam at PIT this week, but I've read that PIT's pass D is looking better lately. Any further insights into Cam vs Pit's D would be appreciated. I'm sensing a chance of a let down game here but not too sure.