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  1. Glad I held onto Samuels for another week but Steelers look like 💩. We just got James CONNED! What a joke his ROS looked good too.
  2. I benched Steelers D last week for Saints D. Never again lol Steelers D all day! Vikings great play as well but if you can only keep 1 defense Steelers look amazing ROS
  3. Debating on flexing Hill this week. How confident are people in him versus Carolina? Can’t afford another hype train derailment like Chase “The next Kamara lol” Edmunds or Ty “Not so Kerryon” Johnson.
  4. I have Samuels and to be honest I'm holding him just in case I'm desperate, but I don't blame anyone that drop kicks him to the waiver wire. I would if there was something better out there. The fact is in a prime workhorse role Samuels proved he barely has handcuff value unless hes thrown the ball 13 times. Wouldn't count on that and sadly can't play him at all with any confidence moving forward. Hope Conner can stay healthy ROS!
  5. As a Conner and Samuels owner this is the best case scenario. We want Conner at 100% down the stretch heading into playoffs. I don't want them to rush him back too early and have him re-injure himself and be out even longer. Conner being out this Sunday is good news. Fully expect him there on Thursday against the Charlie Browns
  6. Its time for the hecklers to take a seat. MG3 is back and that was clear for everyone to see last night. The O line was trash, but Gordon STILL beasted through tackles behind the line of scrim against a Raiders defense that has been great against the run. People forget Gordon can pass catch as well as shown with that 25 yard catch and run. Anything Ekeler can do, Gordon can do better. Ekeler is good, but Chargers probably win last night if Gordon was in on that final drive.. or hell even used more in 2nd half. MG3 a STUD and should keep producing RB1 ROS. Don't forget he's still playing for a contract!
  7. EZ Julio! Mike Evans is great don't get me wrong, but hes so boom or bust. He offers more crazy blowup upside if you want to chance it, but as mentioned his floor is literally 0. He's hot right now, but Julio is the safer option.
  8. This is a tough week I feel for both DEF though Pitt has the edge since SEA offense looks much better than LAR. PIT def wins with their ROS schedule though as after this week they are facing some of the easiest matchups. Set and forget DEF ROS. I'm lovin it!
  9. I'd much rather have Waller over Engram. Especially since Engram looks questionable with a sore foot. Even healthy i still have Waller top 5 TE with Engram coming in around TE7. With that said I wouldn't trade my top 5 TE (especially with the slim pickings for good TEs) for a RB who hasn't shown consistency. Arizona game could be a 1 off, but if I'm trading my top TE i better get a good guaranteed return. If it were me I'd be looking to trade Engram over Waller. I would stand my ground and say Engram for Coleman or no deal. Let him deal with the bye weeks and questionable health. GL
  10. Pitt D! After this week it’s nothing but cake matchups and they’ve shown to be a reliable play. Saints would be my 2nd pick. They just seem to always create turnovers and get sacks or block kicks
  11. Hard to say...I have Greg and he’s def a top 3 pick but Rams aren’t moving the ball offensively like they used to. Lutz is a solid kicker and with Drew Brees back I see them being in FG range more often than not. Lutz is the safer pick but can’t go wrong with either one.
  12. Half ppr 10 man league My team QB: Aaron Rodgers WR: Julio Jones, Chris Godwin RB: Derrick Henry, Melvin Gordon lll Flex: John Brown TE: Greg Olsen K: Greg “the leg” Zuer DST: Steelers Bench: James Conner, Alshon Jeffery, Michael Gallup, Kareem Hunt, Drew Brees Traded Aaron Rodgers for Hunter Henry + Jaylen Samuels Was it a good trade for me?
  13. I'm in a similar situation. After this past Sunday I really like Steelers ROS. They've been consistent and have great upside. With that said I'd go Baltimore over 49ers if you can get them for a great week then roll with Steelers ROS.
  14. Ryans schedule looks better, but with the injury and the season lost not sure how that plays out.... whereas Stafford has been ballin because there's no run game. Stafford is the safer pick ROS between the 2( I own both and plan on keeping Stafford in til im givin a reason not to) GL
  15. I'd go with Sanu because I like Brady throwing the ball way more than i like Daniel Jones. Plus Sanu is looking like someone Brady can count on which means more looks. Def Sanu