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  1. I would say so. He shouldn't be in the wire in any leagues. If you punt points only, he's 5th round value on the season and 3rd round value in the last 2 weeks.
  2. Maybe.. but I don't like what I see in his per36 stats. Stocks are low, rebounds are average, 3s are average and scoring sucks. If someone can't even look good with per36 stats, I usually avoid. Covington is essentially better than him in all categories yet he couldn't even average over 30mpg. So I don't think Juan will either.
  3. I don't think there's much be to hyped about so I'll sit back and watch.
  4. Judging by the responses in this thread, this could be a buy low opportunity. Very low.
  5. He cooled down, but not enough to drop in standard 10-12 man leagues. Not trash imo, but 8th-11th round value could be a headache to own on some weeks. Offense looks great today so far though.
  6. Happy to see that there are other users who also watch the game rather than just the box score
  7. Wow, that was an insane 4th quarter. What a comeback. Hield with the ridiculous 3s, then Fox with the intentional FT miss to rebound his own miss for a layup to tie it up.
  8. He's making impossible shots.. Ryan Saunders is a dumb coach. He shouldn't have benched his starters with 2 minutes left on a 12 point lead which was slowly going down because of Hield.
  9. I started watching NBA in 03-04 season and became a fan of the Lakers & Kobe. I met my best friends because we shared the same appreciation for Kobe. This news hits home for all of us. What's incredibly sad for me, and I'm sure for many of you as well, is that he wasn't just a role model for basketball. His work ethic was something I learned from and that shaped who I am as a person in my every day job. I wouldn't have had the same drive or success in my career if it wasn't for his approach to his.
  10. What a great game. He may have had a block on Derrick White that wasn't counted. Hope that gets reviewed and retroactively added to his stats.
  11. Yeah, chemistry looked good last season. Expectations were high this season. Then their play style completely changed. With Fox as their PG, they should not be ranked 28th in pace. Luke should've made adjustments for that. Don't like his passive aggressive comments towards his team in the media either. Also, it doesn't help that they've yet to have a consistent group of guys healthy for them, so we can't put all the blame on the coach, but he could probably do better than their record.
  12. As a warriors fan, I love this too. Hope he does well for you guys. Dude was trash here. Not a bad in fantasy this season though.
  13. Right now, I'd value him over Nance. In terms of team situation in light of this injury, Nance has it the worst of those 3. Noel may start because Adams is injured. Thad may start because Lauri is injured. Nance is still in a back up role. If you're dropping Nance for Thad, I'd consider that a low risk, high reward move.
  14. Good defense from Boston in the 2nd and 3rd quarter led to a blowout. Theis was hard to score on in the paint. Tatum had length on him from the perimeter. Blowout led to limited minutes from all starters on both teams.
  15. I see. Including the past 2wks is a bit nitpicky. Especially if we're going to make statements like Fox is 1st round value if punting TO and FT%, that's unlikely to remain true for the rest of the season and has not been true for majority of this season. I agree, and, to be honest with you, I think even Fox will have trouble maintaining that. Sorry guys, not trying to be a party pooper here, but just trying to put some realistic expectations out by looking at Fox's games holistically rather than just his hot streaks.