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  1. Status: Karl Anthony Towns - OUT Reason: Failed attempt to acquire D' Angelo Russell
  2. Not being in starting line-up does not equal to no production. Just have to wait and see.
  3. I actually prefer him playing 25 - 28 mins for the rest of the season now. He can definitely able to provide efficient numbers.
  4. Is he still listed at knee sprain or illness? One report said its illness only and Yahoo says its the knee still.
  5. I'm happy for this kid. Doing very well this season. LETS GOOOO But they will be playing Clippers tomorrow.. lol
  6. I think Markieff is also in the trade block right now also.
  7. At this point I'm just going to assume he wont be playing today. If he's in, it would've been "probable" or "Expected to play" by now.
  8. For the last couple seasons, he broke out after the All Star Break.
  9. First timer on wood, is he injury prone? I remember seeing him hurt his knee a month ago and its happening again?
  10. Not the most attractive schedule for the next few weeks.
  11. At this point I just hope the home crowd will chant "WE WANT TOWNS!" Then maybe something good will happen... haha
  12. It feels like he's not really focusing on his spots and shots. Hes just throws it up and hopes for the best lol. His drives to the rim are also very blind. I'll give him a week and see how things are. Most likely will bench him depending on matchups.