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  1. I'm sure they have to quarantine Utah's players so atleast no games for 2 weeks?
  2. If you're sick then don't go into the stadium... freaking Rudy.
  3. Something happening with OKC and Utah game? Both teams walked off the floor including the refs.
  4. That so odd. He played less than 4 minutes with no touches and hurts his hip. lol
  5. Shake Milton will be starting tonight. Best to see what happens before making your move.
  6. This guy will be starting today. But don't expect too much as he will be playing against a good shot blocker (Theis)
  7. Prepare for bad news boys. They probably trying to create an explanation that their fans can accept. Sigh
  8. Don't expect too much tomorrow, since it is against the Celtics.
  9. Most likely because the style of play on the court was different before than today.
  10. Reid provides good FG%, FT%, then some blocks and rebounds with low TO. Even though he might play fewer minutes than the other guys, it does not mean he won't produce (Like Clarke), In the end it depends on what your roster needs.
  11. I just want to spam Town's and Timberwolves' twitter page right now lol.
  12. Yahoo changed his status to O. Give that INJ alreadyyy