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  1. Find a new league if this sht ain’t vetoed
  2. You think I’m wrong but I know you’re wrong because I am better and smarter. Sorry
  3. Youre season is fuked if you’re relying on him
  4. Top is an utter waste of time. What trash. Bottom would make you a dumbass. Go with the original and don’t look back
  5. all of these players are utterly useless in a 10 team. stop torturing your brain, it makes no difference
  6. Wrong. Accept now, anticipate veto
  7. Kuzma is trash masquerading as a waste of time. I like Blake more than most but this is veto
  8. Little pab and championship coattail rider are not mutually exclusive. In fact they are often intrinsically linked and this no talent big mouth punk is the poster boy