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  1. Hahahaha he's had his 4 best games after I waive him. Love it. Then for the biggest slap in the face I'm matched up against who picked him up from waivers today who also has the guy I passed on for Draymond (Kemba) who is also killing me. Love it.
  2. f--- Draymond. Redick popped up on the waivers. You lose more than you win hesitating holding players imo. Ie I lost out on Devonte Graham because I was still assessing Gary Harris earlier this season
  3. Yeh bro I waived him a week ago after his minutes announcement without even thinking a trade was an option lmao. Someone was annoyed with me in the league too because he wanted him and didn't have waiver preference. I didn't play fantasy last season so I forgot how much value a name holds up sometimes
  4. I'm looking to prepare an offer for Mitch Robinson centred around SGA +/- Luke Kennard or Nance. Is this fair value?
  5. I want him so badly but I don't know who to drop for him! One of Nance, Reddick, PJ Washington or Luke Kennard I guess..... Need a 2 for 1 trade to take advantage of some of these free agents
  6. I didn't even bother trying to trade Draymond. Dropped him for Reddick so yeh I'd drop him for Smart. I'd drop him for at least 10 players on waivers to be honest in my 12 teamer
  7. I would be losing KAT and SGA. Good offer imo... Not sure
  8. My team's coming first by a fair bit as Warren was my least valued player in 12team. The rest of the league has obviously caught up a little with my blunder of viewing this thread.
  9. Waived him for TJ Warren other day after reading all the positive near fanboy level status posts on the guy. Semi regretting it this far but I knew foul trouble will come up, so as long as he keeps getting minutes when he's not in foul trouble it should prove to be a good move
  10. I see no reason why he won't maintain easy top 35 value... No reason to sell imo. Just offered him for Siakim after seeing that's what 2 others got LOL. Was a little hesitant though because my team's already coming first with a hot af balanced roster (which includes holding onto with no IR Ayton (who I picked over Siakim (and 1 after Luka 😢 )), Dipo and even Draymond frikken Green)
  11. Oh well tons of good FA options for me even in 12 teams. Who needs your 3rd round pick anyway.... I can't find this quote though. Source?
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