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  1. Never thought of a day that Towns became a busty candidate
  2. If Houston got no Center back after deadline. what do you think a 20 min Bell can get ?
  3. He's overpaid in reallife, but a damn bargain in Fantasy world this year.
  4. Is he going to be the sixth guy of the team right of the gate? 76ers bench is actually quite thin
  5. Picked 5th, target to start along side with Sexton at some point. Had minor knee surgery but already full practice with the team. Will this small back court work? and What do you think his number's gonna be?
  6. I just realized in my Point League (Yahoo) there're these bunch of green numbers underneath the real match up points. Any one knows what are these numbers for? They weren't there last week. Thanks a bunch
  7. may I know why is he only rated as a round 10-12 player in basketballmonster? he played rather decent against 2 of the tougher teams in NBA (Thunders and Jazz)
  8. I am hesitate to trust this source as the profile picture used is Will Ferrell. But yea, Big Sauce can definitely be a game changer
  9. try ESPN, they are more flex on this issue. but personally, I am already used to this end of the season BS and treat it as a champion challenge
  10. Heat Players for Mon/Tues game, Winslow/Tyler Johnson and such
  11. back for 1 game also qualifies as back this season