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  1. Given Everett has been ruled out and with LAR facing Arizona, how does everyone feel about rolling out this guy this week?
  2. I second this logic, Fuller would be my pick here
  3. Jets have been decent, i'd go with LAC if it is an option
  4. I had Goff in all 3 leagues i'm in and dropped him before this week even with the Arizona matchup. That said, I had much better other options than Kyle Allen, so this was an easy decision for me. I mean if he doesn't earn his huge salary in this game, when does he?
  5. Almost benched him for McLaurin, but decided not to
  6. If Kyler Murray can have 2 of his top 5 games from a fantasy standpoint against SF, and given everything else he has done this year, you have to believe in Lamar don't you?
  7. I didn’t watch but there was this: 2nd‑4:36 NYJ19 3rd and 8 (No Huddle, Shotgun) S.Darnold pass deep right to C.Herndon to NYJ 49 for 30 yards (A.Ogletree). PENALTY on NYJ-A.Lewis, Offensive Holding, 9 yards, enforced at NYJ 19 - No Play.