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  1. Does this make injuried players all worthy of a pickup?
  2. Mann im contemplating so hard of dropping capela for this headache
  3. gonna drop and hope i can pick him up again for next week
  4. He should be playing like Jae Crowder smh
  5. Jj is the pick up. Not only does he know mma but he is also a stock god. I honestly dont think Nance will be consistent until he gets traded.
  6. I would drop richardson. he has been too inconsistent to hold onto and has not been living up to the hype even after coming back. Hes also in concussion protocol now
  7. I would grab lyles to stream the b2b and then drop
  8. hmm great end of bench guy secured. Thanks!
  9. How sustainable is this guy? Anyone been watching any dallas games?
  10. Dropped Deandre for him but dont expect him to eat tonight with houstons small ball line up. Lets see
  11. 12 team 9cat h2h Leaning towards dropping Deandre Jordan but idkk the boards are nice. Would you drop anyone on this team for him? Devin Booker Jrue Holiday John Collins Brook Lopez Bradley Beal Jaren Jackson Jr Gordon Hayward Malik Beasley Josh Richardson Clint Capela Nikola Vucevic Clint Capela Cam Reddish
  12. Dropped him for reddish. Seemed like he has more potential
  13. Where ya getting this po schedule data bruh pls help a brotha out
  14. Very tempted rn to swifch heurter for him
  15. I still believe it will average out by end of season
  16. naz reid easy, jj is old and will shares more minutes later
  17. and mans were laughing at me saying malik a bum 😴