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  1. A live photo of Lord Covington during tonight’s game.
  2. As a previous Double T owner this Drummond trade has hurt me more than you can even understand. It essentially became a double negative.
  3. Thanks for the insight. If what you say is true then this is gonna be rough ride down the stretch.
  4. Why do they refuse to play him in the 4th? How do you trade for a guy and not give him minutes? I’m so confused.
  5. It was in this moment where thy Lord made Rudy Gobert question his purpose in life and from thence forth he became Covington’s son.
  6. Gonna try and trade him for Theis. Sadly, I think it’s gonna get declined...Cleveland Drummond is horrendous.
  7. Thy Lord has accumulated for 11 blocks during this two week fantasy span. That is more than the 4 centers on my roster combined have and that includes Drummond. I AM NOT WORTHY!!!
  8. Red Velvet is Huertering my FG%. I know I didn’t add him for good percentages but damn, at least he got some steals I guess.
  9. All Thon needed was to play him last night to fuel his inspiration. I bet Brook sings the Thon song all the time with his brother.
  10. The fit is so good with Houston it’s scary. Their true small ball lineup is really something to watch. I never thought something like this could work in the NBA but the experiment is working so far. Let’s see how they’ll do against bigger teams in the playoffs once they game plan against them. I can see it going both ways, team will either kill them on the glass or the Rockets will just outshoot opponents from 3, nonetheless it’s pretty revolutionary. Other teams may follow suit if it works. Straight up no center, just thy Lord and Tucker. Fascinating.
  11. The funny thing is, I think he’d be perfect in Philly rn. He’s exactly what they need. Too bad they traded him for Jimmy who ended up leaving them for nothing. Karma is a real b*tch.
  12. Chriss is going to have Covington in his nightmares the next few days. Opposing centers beware of the wrath of thy Lord.
  13. Thy Lord continues to block the haters on and off the court. Rubio truthers be gone!!!