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  1. Lmao, how could I forget? Ariza will be just fine, he was able put up with all the ball hogs from his time with the Rockets. He’ll just do it again like he always does.
  2. I think he’ll definitely perform better. Maybe Bazemore isn’t use to playing with two ball dominant guys in Dame and CJ. But Ariza’s best fantasy years were around James Harden and even CP3 in his Houston days. He’s accustom to playing like that and doesn’t need the ball to thrive. I think this a good move for the Blazers, Ariza won me the chip in past, so I’m excited to see what he can do in Portland.
  3. I was referring to them being fat. But I guess you’re looking too far into it.
  4. I’m intrigued, despite Ariza’s age I still think he’s a good 3 & D player at the end of your bench. Worth a flier imo. Everyone is so down on him in this thread, they act like Ariza wasn’t productive last year when given the opportunity.
  5. Instead of We The North, I heard a couple of Raptors fans say We The Norm when he plays well. Haha.
  6. Huerter ended a streak that occurred even before he was born. It was his destiny.
  8. They’re tossing people for slapping butts now. Bill Laimbeer is rolling in his grave as we speak. The NBA is getting SOFT.
  9. Glad I stashed him before he came back from his shoulder injury. Let’s hope Stormin’ Norman can keep this up with FVV back in the fold tomorrow. Fingers crossed. Could definitely see him keeping this type of scoring/spark plug 6th man role ROS.
  10. Once he gets that SF eligibility his ownership in Yahoo! is gonna sky rocket.
  11. I’ll offer this deal to Cuban on the next episode of Shark Tank. Tune in next Wednesday night at 7:00pm central to see his reaction when I offer him thy Lord.
  12. Imagine if he gets traded to Dallas in exchange for Delon Wright and whatever else they ask for. Then you immediately pick up Delon off the ww. You’ll have thy Lord and Wright on the same squad. Your stocks would be immaculate ROS. This is the trade I want to see happen. Dream scenario. Blessings for everyone.
  13. Good point, it takes time to develop chemistry. Playing in the Western conference is so tough this year. Literally every team has a chance to make the playoffs except the Warriors. It’s wild.