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  1. Dude same here! February and March have been brutal for me: Dame KAT Oubre FVV J Rich and now Ayton My core is hurting bad right now. I’m just trying to stay positive everyday and hang on to hope as I’m in the first of my 2 bye weeks.
  2. I did something I dont like to ever do and that was a preemptive cut on Oubre. My league is super competitive and Norm is on the wire. However I do have a 2 week bye coming up but I just can't see Oubre recovering from this in 2-3 weeks with out surgery, and with surgery forget about it. I currently have Dame and KAT both Out so I do not have an IR spot. Maybe I could have waited two weeks and hopefully gotten those two guys back and then thrown Oubre in the IR but I did not want to lose out on Norms potential upside and playoff schedule.
  3. **** I did it. Dropped Kelly for Powell. It hurts, Kelly was one of my best this year. His strong play helped me make playoffs. This year I have lost Isaac and now Kelly to what I assume to be season ending injuries. Really really need Dame and KAT back by 3/16 to even have a chance at this title. Everyone post what you're doing - hold or drop and who you replaced him with.
  4. Yea I have a build in which I need to win percentages, 3s, rebounds, steals, blocks, tos, and be competitive in scoring. So losing Oubres boards and stocks is a very big blow for me. However in recent weeks I have been able to stash guys like Wood, Johnson in Minn, and Nance. I'm also streaming Dieng for all around production (however this one hurt because i had to drop Hart (a good SG rebounder with decent %s and sometimes gets stocks)). Need J rich to get it together more than ever now. With all that said, I'm hoping that if I can get the 5s 3s and steals from Powell then I can really narrow down what my streaming slot has to do. Basically rotate guys who get boards and good percentages with decent like bigs like Dieng.
  5. One quick question for the rest of you, how long are you all waiting before making moves. Really don't want to jump the gun here and drop Oubre for Powell without having firm time table, but the risk of losing Powell on the wire is very high. I got that 6-8 week window simply from googling the injury. Should that be enough to make moves? I have a 2 week bye coming up as we enter the playoffs but surely there is no way hes back in that time, let alone 3-4 weeks. Only thing holding me back is the fear of one of my opponents picking him up.
  6. Think I'll be rolling the dice myself on Powell to hopefully replace what I just lost in Oubre. Just hoping for strong percentages with 3s and steals and some 15 points a game would be nice.
  7. So looking at a 6-8 week timeline without surgery pretty much has him out for the rest of the season. With that said the other PHX guys like Mikal are already gone in my league, I think I'm going to roll the dice on Norman Powell. On a quick glance Normal can give me similar steals rate as Oubre with better percentages and a decent enough playoff schedule. Obviously half the rebounds though and a dip in scoring as hes probably a 4th option on offense. Just trying to make the best of a bad situation. Really feel like a i had a top 2 team in my league this year but these last few weeks have been so tough with injuries to Dame, KAT, and Oubre.
  8. This is my hope as well! I am just trying to brace myself for the next couple of weeks in which we will probably get little to no insight on what is going on. I just want him to recover switfly and be ready to go by March 16. In the span of 3 days I took injuries to Dame, Ayton, and KAT. Luckily I think I have the bye locked up for my division but still very nerve racking.
  9. I had to drop Divencenzo to reactivate him. Had to make the best of it so I picked up Michael Porter to stash in the IR. only other cut candidates were Brunson and Thad Young. hoping for at least some 3s from JRich tonight
  10. Hey how are y’all handling the constant barrage of rotoworld and other fantasy writers constantly saying sell high on KAT now that he’s back? I want to trust his historical iron man status but the way these wolves are losing games and the sell off they initiated with Teague, I’m really nervous that the wolves will find any reason to shut KAT down. It’s also the way they handled the communication during these last 15 missed games. That was the most agonizing part of it all in my opinion. So what is everyone doing? Staying the course with KAT and letting him ramp up and sticking with him through the fantasy trade deadline and hopefully to and through the playoffs or are y’all looking to move on? I’m really considering sending an offer of KAT for AD but I really like KATs extra games during my fantasy playoffs. Really amounts to 1 game though actually so not sure and AD has his own question marks. Simply put how are y’all approaching this now that he’s back. I traded for KAT early in the year in a really good deal( Holmes + Siakam for KAT) but I haven’t really been able to enjoy his performances and reap the benefits on my team (think I’ve had him legit for like 8-10 games). This is literally the first week all year in which my whole core and team has been available (really don’t want to jynx this).
  11. I’m in a 12 team 9 cat h2h and also need some advice on setting the overall most optimal line up. Here’s my current set up: Lillard SGA Covington Ayton KAT FVV Oubre Turner J Rich DiVincenzo Bench: Melton, Wood, D Lee Can I get some inputs on if I should be playing any of my bench guys over anyone I’m starting?
  12. Update: I sent Oubre for Kemba. Not sure if that was the right decision but it’s sent.
  13. Kemba’s numbers haven’t looked great lately hence my hesitation, who’s the better keep between oubre and roco?
  14. I would make this deal for AD for sure! AD is a beast and Dinwiddie is not that good when you dig deeper into the numbers.
  15. I'm in a 9 cat H2H 12 team league and I have this offer on the table: My Oubre or Roco for Kemba Really not sure what to do, in terms of season long value they're all relatively close to each other with Kemba having the lead in rankings. However in the last month or so Oubre and Roco have been consistently trending up and are some of my best players right now (top 20-30). Helping me get wins I desperately need as I am the 6th ranked team right on the edge of the playoffs. In this time frame Kemba has been ranked in the 90s for his performance. Is this the type of moment in which I am supposed to sell high on Oubre and buy low on Kemba? I do not have a dominant rebounds or assists team, so I heavily rely on winning the 3s, steals, blocks, FT%, TOs categories every week. Oubre and Roco have been critical for me winning those categories. If I were to make this trade, my preference would be to keep Roco over Oubre. The other main factor that has me considering this deal is that I currently don't have a bye for the first round of my playoffs in which PHX, PHI, TOR all have pretty bad schedules - they each only play 5 times in that first round. Half of my teams best guys are on these rosters. Kemba and the Celtics play 8 times during that first round, so this would be a way to hedge against the scheduling. If I could make it through that first round the scheduling really improves for my team in the second round. So once again I'm not sure if I should be trying to make it trough that first round with what I have or trying to improve my schedule as of now, or if I should wait till right before my leagues trade deadline to see where I stand in the playoff picture. If I can secure the bye then would holding on to my guys seems like the right move? Here is my team for context: PG: Lillard, FVV SG: Shai, Lee, DiVencenzo SF: Oubre, J Rich, PF: Roco, Thad Young Center: KAT, Ayton, Turner Streaming: Monte Morris Appreciate any help - drop your link for the WHIR Thanks!