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  1. Traded Devonte Graham for him last night, thinking I could ride out a week or two. Finally a bit of luck!
  2. Looks like hes still a year away from being influential outside of pretty deep leagues - game wise, rotation wise, and most importantly being trusted in long stretches by Brad.
  3. Happy for him on a personal level, given hes still so young and has faced a lot of criticism. Salty that he's caused so much grief for my teams in the past and was on the do-not draft list this year.
  4. Would be fine with 45% - have suffered owning him and Jrue so far... though keeping some perspective with these guys is needed when we are only 10 games through November. Dont think its unreasonable to expect he levels out to 27/5/6/1.5 on 45% as a base going forward. Not expecting too much rest, the wizards need to sell tickets, but motivation might be an issue on a night-night basis. Tonight clearly wasn't an issue with the Jayson Tatum connection.