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  1. They trusted him to play the lions share of the 2nd half as well as all of OT so those are great signs, hopefully cemented himself as the starter
  2. Morris is the one carrying this team rn lmao, wouldn't bracket him in as stupid
  3. Hes on 24 mins rn so his minutes steadily going up, don't know why everyone was freaking out earlier, he's just come back from a lengthy injury so he's more than likely on a mins restriction
  4. my thoughts exactly lmao, such an uncharacteristic game from him but those 3 steals make up for it
  5. I just don't see what he brings other than steals and maybe efficiency, donte divincenzo does the exact same thing as him but more consistently if you look at thybulle's total stats, he's just as liable to get you a 0-2 point game as he is to get you a 15 point one
  6. Don't know why no one sees it, look at thybulle's stats and minutes with j rich playing full games
  7. He came back from an injury and they said they were gonna manage his minutes tonight, j rich isn't losing his minutes to thybulle
  8. No? J rich is a better player in every way than Thybulle, he's a starter on that team, and Thybulle's game with J rich if you look at his stats suffers heavily when J Rich is healthy and firing
  9. We activating him out of our ILs or keeping him there for tonight?
  10. Hey guys, J rich is back and hes on my IL, would you activate him off it or wait because they said they're going to be "smart" about his minutes. I'd drop one of Thybulle or DiVincenzo for him, probably Thybulle due to minutes going down with J rich back. I need steals and %s
  11. I dropped him for mclemore, will probably pick him back up after this week, needed the points that mclemore can offer in 4 vs 2 games