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  1. Starting to feel like I messed up keeping him over picking up powell..
  2. I'd still keep bojan given how hes been palying better lately
  3. Brolo is a stock god, his block rate is insane. He also has better %s than Gordon. I feel like brook's stocks are too valuable and that Gordon's stats are easily found elsewhere I'd keep brolo
  4. So with dinwiddie, you're getting better steals, relatively similar points and stocks and TOs, however dinwiddie's percentages arent too great and Bojan outperforms him there. If you're in dire need of assists, I'd try to pick up someone who can get you some assists off the WW, but if theres no one and you still need assists, id do it. However, in my eyes, the pros are outweighed by the cons and I'd always keep bojan!
  5. Hey guys, so i've screenshotted my team below and someone's dropped norm powell to my waivers. I was thinking of dropping sexton for him but with fvv back, idk if thats a good idea. Would you take sexton or norm ROS, or is there anyone else youd drop for norm. Thanks
  6. With FVV coming back, how do we think he's going to do?
  7. I’m in a 12 team league and was just offered d mitchell for my pascal siakam, 9cat, would you take it?
  8. Sekou balled out in his own right lmao, the real winners are the ones that own both
  9. He got like 16 minutes.. and hes definitely not bad
  10. What's been up with his minutes? He's by far their best C with KAT out
  11. I would def do that. Great trade for you, brings rebounds and good %s
  12. hey guys, in a 12 team league, those two are on the wire, who would you pick up out of miles bridges or huerter? 9 cat
  13. Curious as to why every one is writing him off if someone young and promising comes, isn't wood only 24? He's young himself
  14. Doumbouya is starting over Wood and got more minutes last game