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  1. Fultz has been averaging 30 mins for a while now, the only time he's not gotten 30 is when there's a blowout
  2. Been pretty good if you're in a points league, he doesnt give anything outside points
  3. who's ready for another month of "questionable". im so excited
  4. Hes in great form and could do some damage
  5. So what do we think of him? seemed like a pretty good line from him considering it was a blowout and he played only 22 minutes
  6. Yea idk what people are complaining about, bar his meh %s his numbers have been great
  7. Hey guys, I play in a league where its not dynasty but next season there will be another draft, however this season, players can trade picks between each other and it will carry over into next season. I was offered payton and an 8th pick for my melton and a 5th pick from someone whos gone into tank mode. Do i take it or not? 9 cat 12 teams
  8. You think hes a drop now? Drummond really going to affect him that much?
  9. What do you guys mean, how would the trade affect him
  10. This has been such a rollercoaster ride for me and Melton, now he looks a good stash with JJ out