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  1. I also have the same PG lineup and J Rich as well. This week has been rough with Dame only having 2 games and all the small injuries to these guys. somebody dropped Sato so I got rid of smart and picked him up for his 3 games in 4 days this week. I would just focus on minimizing damage and focus your stream on winning what you can win. sometimes you just have a bad weak and you just have to make sure it is not a disaster. 4-5 or 3-6 is much better than 1-8.
  2. Also TT is on an expiring contract, so it does not even have to be Love that goes.
  3. Just jumped on the Wagner train, Not sure if I will jump off at Christmas or stay for the long haul.
  4. His stat line last night was fine. I think McCollum shooting the lights out led him to more passes and less shots.
  5. From boston, saw the game and the play where he got hurt. He was trying to draw a charge and the other player hit him hard in the side. was in intense immediate pain. I would not be surprised if it is a broken rib or a reaggravation of an oblique injury he had last year. he might be out some games but he is a warrior and will likely play if he can. Next week is only 2 games for celtics anyway so that is fortunate.
  6. I am doing well in my league so worth holding onto, more upside than something on the waiver wire. I think there will be a big shake up or at least somebody on that crowded backcourt will have an injury and free up minutes. Until that happen I want to hold onto him until that happens and see how it all plays out.
  7. It is kind of funny now that if I see that vv has been out of the game for 6 minutes with no fouls I come over here to check if he got an injury.
  8. You have some bottom of you team players that are terrible fg% guys. I think you should be able to replace IT with someone who has decent 1 or greater steals per game and closer to 50% fg%. I agree that for what you want to do. Look to trade embid if he has a hot streak.
  9. Any sign of Porzingus health issues I am picking up Kleiber ASAP
  10. I drafted Hayward mid draft and picked up J brown late, thinking if Hayward flopped Brown would pick up the slack. Instead Hayward was awesome but got injured so J brown picked up the slack.
  11. I have been sitting on him as well in 12 team 8 cat. I am doing well so I have been keeping him around. When healthy his production is worth a spot on the roster. Somebody just dropped Nance and Noel is sitting around there, seriously thinking about just getting rid of him and not worrying about it anymore.
  12. In 8 category on ESPN he is ranked #78 for the season even with the time restriction and and missed back to backs. He is a competent bottom of your lineup player right now in 10 and 12 team leagues with upside to be much more valuable later in the season. Just can't expect consistency with him right now.
  13. Take DAME. He is more of a sure thing. Also his Ft% is very usefull
  14. I would keep FVV. especially if you are punting FG%