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  1. Chris Boucher until Marc Gasol is nursing his hamstring
  2. In our 12 team points league I'm 3rd in overall points yet I'm about to go 3-10 after today. I'd crush 90 % of my league most weeks except the guy I'm playing against. How is this even possible? Also Zion is coming back next week, guess who drafted him? Sure he is going to have a quad-double in one of the games he plays against me. How I hate this beautiful game sometimes
  3. Lost a few tight matchups because this guy getting load managed (on a Sunday, so I lost by 11 points) or putting up that 0 so I wanted to give him the finger anyways But yeah, other leaguemates are getting by even though they are missing Curry, Irving etc. so somebody has to step up in my team (looking at you Markkanen)
  4. Kyle Anderson in deep leagues. I had to pick him up last week because of injuries and low game days (couldn't drop him for the same reasons this week). But he is giving me some boards and stocks
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