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  1. Is he already cleared for b2b? Don't want another late scratch again like Noel today.
  2. 10/11 fg for 26 pts 3 3s, 8 assists against the Rockets. Hope this is the start of a streak.
  3. you're right. I dropped him and now using his spot for streaming
  4. I have Murray and every game, he's trending up. Definintely agree, you should add him. I think it's between Lonzo and IT2. Depends on your team really. Murray can provide the defensive stats Lonzo can give with better percentage. IT2 is more points and assists.
  5. Just picked up Kuzma again but I am seeing Delon Wright as a great add. What do you think are the ROS of both players? Is D. Wright a strong add?
  6. Any idea what his ROS would be since Fox is already playing? Should I drop him for Troy Brown in case Bertans miss multiple games?
  7. Hold. Pop just confirm his minutes restrictions are off.
  8. I would not do this. You have Gobert, Bam and Holmes. This is a good center combo IMO. Solid FGs and blocks.
  9. Need to free up my PG slots as I already have 4 at the moment. Morant, D. Murray, Lillard and DRose. Good trade?
  10. I traded for him because of Wiz tanking by 2nd half of season. But yeah, once I owned him, he's more of a pts reb guys. I think I'll take this trade. Thanks
  11. I'm keeping Markkanen. Just hesitant to trade Prince. lol So if Hachimura + Prince = Holmes + Huerter Is this a good trade?
  12. Actually, I have Hachimura, Markkanen and Prince. Do you think Holmes production will continue once Bagley is there?