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  1. T-Ross is my Norm Powell replacement. I'm optimistic he'll provide the value I expected from Norm.
  2. Fultz collapsed with a non-contact knee injury during a drive. Feels bad
  3. Player health is finally being given adequate value/attention. Same deal in hockey regarding treatment of concussions. The players don't deserve to be abused and mistreated because they're making large money. When you're a giant sized human playing a high level sport your joints and muscles take an absolute beating. To expect players with wear and tear on their body to hop on a plane and play a back-to-back the next night is clown ****. Playing through pain introduces drug abuse into the broader picture. Only until the year 2020 did Cannabis become acceptable under the NBA d
  4. Its ok no one bought tickets to these games lol. If the league wants to address it they need to remove back-to-backs and lighten/optimize travel. I keep ranting about this but there's no excuse for a jammed schedule when the arenas are empty (no bookings for concerts, etc). there are 36 games jammed into 72 days. The NBA prioritized maximizing number of games played before a potential Summer Olympics. Guys will get hurt and guys will rest. Ultimately you should be happy the season is happening. Play Roto if you want to accommodate resting/COVID DNPs.
  5. The league ****ed up the schedule. If they wanted they could have reduced back-to-backs. THE ARENAs are empty (no concerts, no NHL until mid January, etc). It should be easy as **** to schedule and provide space between games.The first half schedule is 36 games in 72 games. So why are some teams playing 7-8 back-to-backs? its a clown job. Other compromises to reduce travel/workload: MORE Home-and-home games (baseball style scheduling) Fewer inter conference games
  6. You can interpret it as me believing the odds are likely 1 or both will be injured at some point this season. Give your head a shake. Lowry plays hard, takes charges, and puts his body on the line. With heavy minutes he's going to miss games. it is what it is. Freddy is undersized and plays hard as well. Lowry's last 3 seasons: 4 games missed, 17 games missed, 14 games missed Van Vleet's last 3 seasons (1st season split between g-league): 6 games missed, 18 games missed, 18 games missed This season is compressed with additional back-to-backs. Its going to b
  7. Where in my post did I wish injury on a player? read and re-read and let me know. BTW, I'm a Raptors fan. Playing the vet Lowry 39 minutes is just unwise if we want to have him available throughout the season. Nurse seems to have no trust in the bench and the starters are getting heavy minutes. Van Vleet is no iron man either. Running your players into the ground Tom Thibodeau style is going to lead to injury.
  8. Nurse is giving massive minutes to Lowry/Van Vleet. Its only a matter of time before 1 or both are injured.
  9. With the compressed schedule teams will see this match up as an opportunity to either sit players or ease up on the minutes. Maybe this can give SGA a little more room to work with on the court. I could see SGA pulling a Bradley Beal here.
  10. The NBA should have cut down the back-to-backs in the schedule. The arenas are ****ing empty. there are no booking/scheduling constraints. 36 games across 72 days for the first half of the schedule. No reason there should be more than2-3 back-to-backs. They also promised baseball style scheduling to cut travel but that didn't happened either. This is all on the league not the teams and players. Absolute joke to fine teams when it was the league that butchered the schedule.
  11. I'm kicking myself for not taking my own advice and selling him off in early January. The trade kinda messed things up. I had assumed D'Antoni and the H-town med staff would keep pushing him out there.
  12. Aggravated his foot... How on earth did he get this foot injury in the first place? he's barely seen any time on the court this season.
  13. Its not going to magically heal (huehue) without an extended rest (weeks). I expect them to manage the injury by resting him wherever they can (back to backs). Try and trade him before others realize he's headed to the load management zone.
  14. What a big baller. Rewarding those who held him
  15. Does Wiggins have ebola? He's been sick since Dec 27th and he's a GTD for Sunday's game.
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