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  1. Murray went down hard holding his hip. Monte Morris is in. *Murray questionable with a "trunk contusion"
  2. Love this guy. Just like every rookie gets the "Donovan Mitchell vibes" hype post, I think Richaun Holmes deserves a shout. He's giving me Montrezl Harrell vibes. Great pickup to fill out a championship roster.
  3. The 2 or 3 games where he was given the ball and minutes he killed it. But the new coach in Memphis wants to play faster and JV simply isn't a fit for them anymore. He's basically the 5th option when on the court. Cut your losses.
  4. Very unlikely given the drama about his shooting.
  5. Scott Brooks is a weird one. He refused to play Bryant decent minutes until late last season when it was clear the Wizards were out of it. I could see Wagner getting 20-25 minutes if Brooksie isn't crazy about Bryant.