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  1. Remind me next year to never pick up porzingis - piece of **** is a different player than he was in NY. Even with Luka he's playing mediocre. One game he's good, another he's shut. All these fouls show how sloppy he is on defence - clearly not in the same shape he was before. Move your f***ing legs and start playing like a proper center you soft piece of ****
  2. Someone please explain how 2.2m guy with the ability to shoot can attempt only 2 shots and 2 rebounds in 10 minutes. FFS.
  3. What the actual F*** is wrong with this guy. His shooting has been so inconsistent. it's already been > 1 month into the season. Hard to believe he averaged .458 last season. Trash.
  4. What the hell is wrong with him the last 2 games. Looks so dam passive. Is he still not healthy? FFS I'm getting so inpatient with him lol