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  1. Anybody watching Premier League go on fine yesterday? Again I will ask the fear mongerers and hysterics here peddling in lies and propaganda to stop their harmful and dishonest rhetoric. This is a bad flu season, and we aren’t even sure about that, because the death numbers are so over-inflated and unreliable. The people over-inflating them have even admitted that they are at least 25% too high. And guess what, we have flu vaccines. And still the numbers are extremely similar. If we didn’t have flu vaccines the death toll would be well worse. Also, look into the science of masks for yourself, and don’t fall for confirmation bias. Masks aren’t doing what you think they are, or if they are, then you’d question roughly half of the mask regulations. I’m being a bit strong in asking some of y’all to reign in your panic and maladaptive thought and then behavioral patterns here, but really I’m just asking you to think and be honest on this topic. Because parroting propaganda, or expressing to us outwardly you’re own internal weaknesses and paranoid delusions and fears of shadows, is harmful to a great many people - far more harmful than a bad flu virus.
  2. Stanford and UCLA experts are both pointing out facts: “These infection fatality rates are remarkably low and are similar to the fatality rate for the seasonal flu.” “The virus is 10 times less fatal than we first thought.” Dr. Rajiv Bhatia is an affiliated assistant clinical professor of Medicine at Stanford University. He is a former deputy health officer for the San Francisco Department of Public Health, drajiv@stanford.edu. Dr. Jeffrey Klausner is a professor of Medicine and Public Health at the University of California, Los Angeles. https://calmatters.org/commentary/its-time-to-end-the-state-of-emergency-over-covid-19/ “To properly assess the mortality risk associated with the coronavirus pandemic, it is necessary to examine deaths and death rates from all causes, not just deaths and death rates from COVID-19.” They are asking this question because it is clear the Covid-19 numbers are highly inflated from other causes of death. “During January-May 2020, the CDC and Department of Health and Human Services show about 120,000 total deaths in California, which is similar to the number during January-May 2018.” They are comparing this current flu season against the last big pandemic that hit us in 2017-2018 Flu season. The numbers look the same. “Thus, the 2020 total death rates in California can be approximated by the 2018 total death rates, which are in the CDC’s WONDER database.” https://news.yahoo.com/california-reopen-coronavirus-stats-science-230000221.html
  3. Tried to tell you about Deebo. He’s not fragile, but everything he does, even videos of training and practice, he’s a bulldog. The kind of guy you expect to miss 3-4 games per year randomly with injuries like separated shoulder or hip pointer or broken foot.
  4. Another underrated strong WR1 this year and going forward, like Ridley. Not much to say here except expect him to be targeted similarly this year(top 3 in the NFL in targets last year) unless he f***s Foles’ wife or something, and expect him to positively regress in efficiency and probably TDs with more accuracy from his QB. 2020 projection: 150 targets, 100 catches, 1200+ yards, 8+ TD (WR5 overall) I think he and Ridley are so underrated because people aren’t realizing what the non-injury floor is for Ridley and Robinson, which is much, much higher than many other borderline potential WR1s out there you may be choosing from, that may be going around or ahead of these guys, like: Julio, Theilen, JuJu, OBJ, AJ Brown, Sutton, Metcalf, Kupp, Woods, Diggs, Cooper. Idk I’m sure there are a ton of others, all with wildly more variable and lower floor, and not much if any higher ceiling, than Ridley and Robinson. Anyways. ARob is still young too, and one of the smartest and most mature players in the league. Beware if you have your own bias against him being elite, because he absolutely is an elite tier WR in this league only behind the transcendent stars right now like MT and Julio for now. He’s a year younger than Thomas and 5 younger than Julio
  5. Been beating this drum since before the end of last season: Ridley is going to be a WR1. His outlook just keeps getting better and better. https://www.al.com/sports/2020/06/falcons-think-calvin-ridley-could-explode-in-2020-nfl-season.html That is not just positive coach speak from Koetter. That is also Matt Ryan saying that he and Ridley got to work together on the "little nuances that are going to make us better. That's the development you can get with a guy now going into year 3. But you can only really get there if you have this extended amount of time and this one-on-one venue to work at. He's a guy I think could explode going into a year like this. He's in phenomenal shape. He's been running great, and I think his grasp of the offense and his mastery of our system is just so much further along than last year." I feel like raising my conservative January projection of 80/1000/8 for him up to 90/1150/9. That would have been tied for WR8 I believe overall and ppg last year, 0.5ppr. With upside. I'll say it again: WITH UPSIDE. If Julio goes down, gets banged up, or regresses significantly at all at his age, Ridley will get 10+ targets per game, compared to his current 6-7. I'm glad the public and the analysts are catching on to the Ridley situation because I already own him in every league I am in and don't mind his value skyrocketing everywhere.
  6. Many players and coaches have talked at length during 2019 off season about how Eagles don’t have much shot without Brooks playing. I quoted one of them explaining exactly what happened in that small sample size. Whereas you are just posting wishful thinking to cheer yourself up.
  7. Niners fan here. It seems many don’t know the inside rumblings on the team include lowering Kittle’s workload and blocking volume by finding a part-time replacement, and there are short and long term worries about Deebo’s health, because of his past injury history and his extremely aggressive and physical play style with the ball in his hands. He always looks for contact and tries to gain extra yards like an RB. Anyways, I just don’t expect the volume for either to be elite for those reasons and because these are guys returning or entering into this of new this year, and Shanahan LOVES to get tricky and weird and mix up who’s getting what on which day etc: Trent Taylor Jalen Hurd Brandon Aiyuk Jauan Jennings Travis Benjamin Jerick McKinnon Charlie Woerner(blocking TE) So I personally fade all the guys from my favorite team. Sucks but it’s the wise thing to do. /Sorry this is a bit of a tangent, it is in response to the Deebo talk
  8. To even further nail in the point, here is what happened in the NFC Divisional Round playoffs in 2018-19: After two drives with Brooks in the game, the Eagles led 14-0 and their RBs had 7 carries for 35 yards and 1 TD. And they had passed for 130+ yards and 1 TD as well. Just 7 minutes into the game. Then Brooks tore his Achilles with 4:37 left in the first quarter. Over the next 3 quarters plus of playoff game time, the Eagles managed only 90 total yards total as an offense, ran the ball 9 times for 16 yards total, and scored zero additional points.
  9. To reiterate, this likely takes the Eagles out of serious contention and will have them playing from behind and airing it out 600+ times again this year, as they have had major trouble moving the ball because they can’t run it when he has been out before. Multiple players and coaches in Philly have made that point in the past. Here is Jason Kelce after their playoff loss 2 years ago when Brooks was hurt, and they stalled in the last 7 drives of the game consecutively, unable to run the ball: "I would argue [we were] a hurt right guard away from getting back to the NFC Championship Game.”
  10. Brooks is a great guard and does his job perfectly as a pass blocker, but that’s not much of a task for a 350lb RG. What he is exceptional at and a true difference maker is as a run blocker, and in combination with L Johnson make up by far the best RG/RT run blocking duo in the NFL. This is a wash or even a plus for Wentz’s passing, a blow for the offense and team outlook in general, and a huge blow for the running game and RB game script.
  11. AB just plead his only outstanding criminal complaint down to no contest probation. He still has the civil complaint from his former trainer over alleged non-criminal sexual assault. But he is one of several dozen NFL players and staff with similar civil suits currently pending, so there is technically nothing at all stopping him from playing in the NFL, except the league owners black-balling him. It should start to get somewhat interesting here come July and August and we see whether AB will get his shot again or not. Odds keep creeping in his favor as we go.
  12. First round talents are falling to the 2nd round the last 4 years. That’s the trend that I see. 2020 is probably the best example of that we’ve seen yet, but that is yet to be proven.
  13. Still pushing the hysteria and panic and conspiracy theories about the flu?
  14. That is not an ad hominem attack. I am describing their behavior straightforwardly and accurately. Im the one subjected to ad hominem attacks here. Please don’t get that twisted
  15. Stop posting your twisted lies and manufactured facts. We just established that this will be shown to be incorrect in short order and you will face no repercussions for AGAIN posting nonsense like this to back up your unjustifiable and extremely damaging and harmful hysterical position at this point. Edit: “mention covid” “MENTION COVID”