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  1. Last year was likely the most unwatchable of my lifetime(1980s). SF vs KC would be an all-time entertaining matchup
  2. 49ers, Ravens, Chiefs, Packers. That would be an aesthetically pleasing conference championship Sunday of matchups for me.
  3. Not sure what’s funny about those posts? I went back and in 0.5ppr Ridley was WR20 not WR19 over 16 games in 2018 and he was WR13 when his season ended after 13 games in 2019. Here are his stats: 2018 - 64 receptions/821 yards/12.8ypr/10TD 2019 - 63/866/13.7/7TD, but that was in only 13 games. Extrapolated to all 16 at that pace is 78/1066/13.7/8.6TD. That would have been good for WR12 overall. One prediction above is 80/1000/10 and WR10 overall next year. Very reasonable, at or even below expectations a bit for Ridley’s expected career arc as Julio ages. I’m sticking with that prediction. 80/1000/10. WR10. Another prediction is he’ll be a WR1 in fantasy next year. Also seems very reasonable. He was right on the edge of finishing as a WR1 this last, his sophomore, year. And, as a rookie in 2018, he was already a mid WR2 on much lower target volume. 92 targets in 2018 vs finishing 13 games with 93 in 2019 - on pace for 115 total.
  4. Something like WR19 last year as a rookie, and when he got shut down for the Ab injury late this year he was around WR13. Hes basically a rock solid WR2 with upside going forward. Year 3 is historically the biggest jump/breakout season for WRs, so I’d project him to finish as a low WR1 to high WR2 this year, WR9-12. In the same tier as Julio. This situation reminds me a lot of the Evans/Godwin receiver room going into this last season, except Julio is of an advanced age and should be ceding more and more work to Ridley each year for the rest of his career now. My prediction next year: 80/1000/10, WR10 overall.
  5. Winston clearly doesn’t belong in the NFL. There is no question about it at this time
  6. About Watson, when they put that graphic up about Fuller I tried to look up his splits with and without Fuller on the field the last few years and Watson is a high end QB1 with Fuller on the field and a middling fantasy QB2 without him. Not a good look
  7. Not complaining because it benefitted me in a two TE dynasty league where I own him, but that is 100% not a catch right?
  8. RoJo nice 10 yard run to open the game. Second play: Jameis interception. Maybe everyone in this thread was right about Arians lmao
  9. ARob is a legit WR1 talent. Situation still seems precarious but maybe improving and becoming at least consistent if nothing else. 22, 18, and 19 points in 0.5ppr the last 3 weeks
  10. This is not surprising, but Maurice Jones-Drew in an AMA on reddit: redditor: “Who is the best RB in NFL?” MJD: “McCaffery, and it isn’t even close”
  11. Both RBs have major talent. Neither is a complete back. Both should be good for 10+ touches going forward giving both RB3 floor and RB1 upside every week, maybe? And that balance might tip toward either one and away from the other for a variety of reasons, right? And I’m 100% sure about all of this, I think?
  12. Does Kirk look like he’s having a panic attack?