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  1. Grabbed him a couple of minutes before tip off. Loving the output so far... what a beast
  2. I have picked up both Red Velvet and the Latvian laser. I would have to recommend Huerter - really well rounded stats and pretty consistent of late. He is becoming a really nice package. BERTANS has cooled off, still great source of 3’s, pts and some boards but not a lot else.
  3. Looking to build out my C spot primarily for blocks and steals. Gasol and Noel are both on the WW. Who do you think is the better longer term pick up?
  4. Top two Waiver Wire nickname Latvian Laser No. 1
  5. He is killiing it right now. Drop Ish Smith for him? random PG's turning it on
  6. Ish is killing it right now, can he keep this up when beal/bertans return?
  7. Given he was a bit off before the injury, do you think they are holding him out to shop him around? His value is pretty high right now, a few more dud performances might hurt his value - safer to keep him out perhaps?
  8. Any updates besides “it will be a good week” from the coach? he hit a cold patch before the injury, no concerns from anyone? I picked him up when a guy in my league dropped him, and he regrets this constantly, so much so I think I could use it to offer him up for someone like Laurie M - clearly I should try this, right?
  9. agreed. Am I crazy for holding? I am in a competitive 12team league, and feel it’s time to move on for some WW hotness.
  10. I picked him for for the upside, hawks may as well run him hard given the state of things. I’m keeping him because of the nickname. Red Velvet + The Latvian Laser are my WW super hero duo.
  11. Need some assist for the rest of the week to win a close one. Who you think is the pick up? or any other source of assists to help out that might be on the WW?
  12. I managed to snag Clarke and Bertans... feeling pretty good but it’s not offset picking the joker with my 1st round.
  13. I own Randle, but thinking about putting him out there, too much crazy going on in the big Apple. thoughts?