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  1. 1st trade was great, 2nd I'm not so sure about cause of KAT, 3rd I think you could've gotten more
  2. 1st side: Kawhi, Bam, Harrell, Elf Payton 2nd side: Collins, Drummond, Bledsoe, Fox I'm getting the 1st side. Drummond is now a huge liability and moving him for anything makes a lot of sense. might be panicking tho. Should I accept this trade? Thanks!!
  3. Traded him for WCJ. It's been a fun ride my man, but you have to go 😢
  4. Anybody have anything on this guy? Trying to find a reason to hold. He just played 4 straight games with 4 points, and a total of 3 blocks. He used to get way more than his stats now 🤔
  5. If you really wanna move him, get Collins and some top 50 guy
  6. I actually had Horford and flipped him for Rubio
  7. Yeah go ahead and flip him. If those stocks didn't go down I would never let him go, but they did, and they've been down for a while
  8. Yeah but I only really liked Bam for his AST and stocks, which have somehow dried up
  9. Nope no way I'm taking that for Drummond. Drummond is worth more and PJ could be a beast later on
  10. Why did this guy only play 22 mins? Foul trouble?
  11. Yo this guy just got dropped in my league. I really like him for being a budget Isaac. Thinking of burning my #3 waiver wire on this guy!!!