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  1. No idea how this is gonna work, but I hope it does cause I'm having the best season!!
  2. Hope he learns to never go near OG Anunoby too
  3. True! but my only concern is when deep in the playoffs and owners get desperate the waivers might be full of great picks. Thoughts?
  4. 100% agree with this one. So basically they're both high risk high reward, given the chance
  5. Would have to drop Gasol for this gamble. Yes or no?
  6. Dedmon will produce with Capela almost certainly out til the end of fantasy playoffs. Nurkic may also produce as the blazers push for a playoff spot. DiVincenzo has been hot and looks like the Bucks will be using him more. I'd drop Bryant for any of these three.
  7. I'd drop both to get both. Beasly had a rough night and he's just on a short leash for me
  8. Nance and JJ for me. JJ stocks are just way too good to pass up
  9. Derrick White is really hot right now so if you could stream a spot I would 100% take him. Maybe I'd drop Huerter and stream his spot.
  10. I'll have a bye week next week (comfortably sitting at 1st) and I'm thinking of picking up KAT. He was dropped by a manager with an injury ridden team. Is it worth it or is he out for ROS??
  11. This guy is ruining my Elfrid Payton. Pick him up while he's being an annoying f**k
  12. Is this guy retarded? Takes out Ayton then Powell WTF??