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  1. I'd definitely do it just cause of the playoff schedule. But not so sure about Ingles
  2. I'd choose PJ cause he gives me better gives, although they post very similar stats. How did you add a signature to your comments btw?
  3. I'd also drop Ibaka, but not sure if you want Mitch Rob right now cause he's a mess lol
  4. I'm not sure if you should drop Satoransky just yet. Spellman is just the flavor of the week and Culver will hurt your FG real bad
  5. Embiid > Simmons > Ayton for me cause you have a lot of assists already
  6. So I have the option to trade for any of these 3 guys. Any of these guys would help solidify the stats I'm already winning. Question is, in order, who is the best for the rest of the season and who is the worst? I'm thinking 1st PJ, 2nd Sato, 3rd Garland Thanks!
  7. I think Powell is only playing well cause of Porzingis being out
  8. PJ Washington cause Oladipo and Brogdon are on their way back
  9. I have both and I value Bledsoe a bit more. But they basically give you the same stats with Barton having more REB and Bledsoe having more AST WHIR
  10. Is this worth it? Ayton not really delivering as well as I thought he would and Bledsoe sometimes gives me s---y games 🤔
  11. Thanks! How were you able to add your post in the comments btw? Wanna do the same for WHIR posts
  12. When is Conley coming back? If not anytime soon, drop him