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  1. I just don't think the Mavs go for Drummond. They'd have to break up their bench who they've been leaning on alot. I get why it sounds good but it doesn't at all sound logical. Who are they going to give up Justin Jackson and Courtney Lee? I think Dedmon makes the most sense. Sac is working to get rid of him. Mavs have a need. It seems to fit like a glove.
  2. His minutes are trending up. He's good enough to be an end of bench guy. Its not easy to get a top 100 C who has a positive effect on your fts. I'll more than hold him for those reasons alone
  3. He somehow enters every 4th no where close to 25 points ends up there everytime
  4. I've never been so invested in one of my players. It hurts me when he loses
  5. What cats are you targeting this week ? Try setting up a line up that would work best against your opponent. Considering who you're not sitting i'd probably go the same route. Maybe I might do Gasol over PJ
  6. Who is the best FG boosting PF I can get tomorrow/this week if they can get assist that would be a plus 12 team
  7. This, do your research do your move. Don't grab guys prematurely and reveal the potential of them and your team to the league.
  8. I'm definitely interested in him. Its tough to find a C that actually helps my fts that doesn't require breaking the bank. I don't trust Scott Brooks. I also owned Thomas Bryant for stretches last season and he toyed with his minutes almost without reason. Ian Mahinmi is now playing more, Pascensik? is seeing more minutes. Is there any reason for me to believe that he'll continue to get 20+ minutes when this team is healthy?