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  1. Huerter and Hunter are non-factors with Cam they will be in no way prioritized over him
  2. Aldridge got his finger caught on the net while practicing with coach Matt Bonner, and that aggravated his shoulder injury. Coach Pop said he doesn't know if Aldridge will be back for Sunday at CLE. I'm sorry this hilarious
  3. if you need 3s and points yes if you need stocks no
  4. for 3s and points yes for everything else no
  5. I dropped him just before the game and im praying no one grabs him. He averages about 3 3's a game in games with more than 25 minutes played
  6. Streaming him for the week hoping I can get 4 more 3s out of him
  7. Scoop him for the Tues thurs pseudo b2b... hold him past asb to see how minutes turn out but his schedule this week is valuable within itself
  8. He's seen 26+ minutes in his last 3 contest and he seems to be a temporary winner from the trades. His fantasy 2 fantasy relevant seasons he was getting 26 and 29 minutes. His minutes should stay here aslong as Winslow is out and Josh Jackson remains underwhelming
  9. blow out both him and zubacs couldnt handle the Towns and were terrible in both PnR and Perimeter defense
  10. Even if only 5 guys are available I want this guy coming off the bench