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  1. hold off for now, lets see how long he can keep up this level of play first
  2. None of them are droppable except for Conley who has been **** all season, but he may get better as the season goes on. I would try to move him personally, I think you could easily get a player back for him, maybe top 80 type. The other guy I would move is Jrue, but if you move both of them make sure you get at least one decent PG coming back. Or run a 2 for 1 type deal with Jrue + Conley for a top 30ish guy, and grab a replacement PG off ww.
  3. as I posted above, I gotta win the reg season and playoffs to get all the money. You think it puts me in a better position to win both? Embiid has a history of only playing about 60 games per season... would hate to choke the top spot due to a bad trade
  4. even dejounte alone is possibly fair value, take the offer.
  5. I would rather have Gobert, I think he’s the better all around player and he blocks more too.
  6. No problem, and thanks. only concerned about the health because half the $ goes to regular season winner and the other half to playoff champ.
  7. simmons + kennard type for embiid + fultz or cp for zion?