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  1. f--- traded CP for this guy + Kat lookin like a loser........... I'm gonna make the cut on Sunday at 3AM too lmfao (no adds)
  2. Picked him up for the back to back. I think he has the potential to steal minutes from Svi ros too. Could be a 14+ hold.
  3. Chriss. And you can take that 1 to the bank
  4. Paschall for the foreseeable future
  5. Easily Giles, and you can actually hold onto him.
  6. Who do you keep going forward, factoring in the following cats: FG%, FT%, pts, rebounds, stocks, turnovers... Thanks.
  7. Ye his first game back stat-line got my dick hard. 2nd best PG behind Harden ROS imo
  8. Hope it’s a blowout tonight and he only plays 20 minutes with crazy efficiency... lmfao 🤭
  9. First game since I traded for him Lets go
  10. Yeah, but the fact that we haven't heard any update is kind of weird as we're a week away from mid March... Seems like Dedmon will be back for Fri/Sat, if he's 100% those two GP should be worth the add imo...