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  1. f--- traded CP for this guy + Kat lookin like a loser........... I'm gonna make the cut on Sunday at 3AM too lmfao (no adds)
  2. Picked him up for the back to back. I think he has the potential to steal minutes from Svi ros too. Could be a 14+ hold.
  3. Chriss. And you can take that 1 to the bank
  4. Paschall for the foreseeable future
  5. Easily Giles, and you can actually hold onto him.
  6. Who do you keep going forward, factoring in the following cats: FG%, FT%, pts, rebounds, stocks, turnovers... Thanks.
  7. Ye his first game back stat-line got my dick hard. 2nd best PG behind Harden ROS imo
  8. Hope it’s a blowout tonight and he only plays 20 minutes with crazy efficiency... lmfao 🤭
  9. First game since I traded for him Lets go
  10. Yeah, but the fact that we haven't heard any update is kind of weird as we're a week away from mid March... Seems like Dedmon will be back for Fri/Sat, if he's 100% those two GP should be worth the add imo...
  11. Questionable tonight. First time I ever NEEDED him to play, looks like Ima lose this week. I expect him out cuz of the back to back.
  12. Traded cp for brogdon + kat, didn’t know owners were so gloomy about his possible return.
  13. I think you win the trade, given how dres numbers have suffered in Cle. All four guys you get bring in significant value imo.
  14. Was between rubio/robinson I went with Mitch to take blocks every wk. Thanks for your insight
  15. I pulled off three trades on the last minute of our trade deadline, high out of our minds... Want to know what people think, which deals I won/lost and just general feedback. I am always happy to help in return so post your links. Trade 1 OUT: Jayson Tatum, Gordon Hayward IN: Damian Lillard, Jaren Jackson Jr., Joe Harris Trade 2 OUT: Chris Paul IN: Malcolm Brogdon, Karl-Anthony Towns Trade 3 OUT: Ben Simmons IN: Mitchell Robinson
  16. Locked the playoff spot, but still gotta lock #1 seed to secure the bag. I'm trying to keep it a 1 for 1 as the TDL is today, I guess I'd be OK with a 3-4 win week tbh... As long as I destroy the remaining teams
  17. I'd keep Sato as he's the safest choice, but if you feel like rolling the dice for a high ceiling type guy I would take Coby. He could really explode ros.
  18. Got a feeling in my gut he comes back in 4-6 weeks which would fall right into my playoffs (start week 23)... You guys holding, trading, or cutting? I was offered Fultz + Rubio but might just hold on instead.