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  1. As much as I love and miss fantasy, I wouldn't feel comfortable even if there was a way for it to resume. before lockdown we had teams slugging it out in playoffs and trades and moves done prior that were made based on getting into/surviving playoffs (eg. KAT being moved as he was done at that stage, oubre dropped etc) and if returning the landscape would be completely altered and the integrity would be compromised. I mean heck imagine if a playoff team got KD off the wire and he played (know unlikely but plenty of those types of players floating on wires as they were a 0% chance before COVID). We have just decided to split the pot between the remaining playoff teams (5% more to the 2 teams on week 1 byes) and call it a day.
  2. The NBA will need roughly 80 days to complete the season if/when play resumes, according to John Hollinger of The Athletic. In order to get things back up and running, the players will need at minimum a two-week training camp to get back into shape, a "regular-season" period to get guys back into a rhythm (which would be another two weeks), possibly a play-in tournament (3-5 days) and from the playoffs to the Finals would take roughly 45 days. As of right now, it would seem the latest possible end date of this season would come on Labor Day (Monday, September 7), which means things would need to start back up by June 1. There's still a ton of uncertainty here, but this gives you a general outline of a potential timeline.
  3. I’m somewhat similar. In my league (10 team) 6 made playoffs. Top two teams had byes and other 4 were mid battle when season got suspended. I don’t buy into awarding the regular season standings. Anything can happen in the playoffs especially towards the end of each season. So I’m leaning towards paying out 20% to eAch of the top 2 and 15% to other 4 playoff teams. Makes most sense I feel.
  4. being a magic fan Id be happy if they jumped straight to playoffs and Isaac comes in for those!
  5. Silva said suspension will be a minimum of 30 days. I think the biggest issue is now that two players have it. Wouldn't be as bad if it was just the crowd but now they're going to have to test everyone thats played against jazz. I imagine the season would be severely shortened then jump into playoffs so im not really sure how there would be enough time to complete fantasy playoffs. Still had 4.5 weeks left of my playoffs
  6. Does anyone know if you can halt transactions in espn? Know you can in yahoo but can’t seem to find anywhere to do it on espn. Need to do it before the team that already has curry, harden, kawhi and jokic adds the likes of Isaac, oubre and co!
  7. why I feel the integrity of fantasy comps now this year is ruined. the teams that are currently In the bye during playoffs can just sit there and load up with the likes of Isaac, oubre etc. strategy is destroyed, I traded away KAT knowing I wouldn't have him for playoffs now he could be back. its just one big giant mess for fantasy I think if it returns
  8. I think this is going to be the biggest issue, integrity wise. Any league that is in the midst of playoffs (heck mines 10 days into a 14 day battle) how can it possible to just resume/take off where it finished. Schedules will be all over the shop, acquisitions have been used etc
  9. As commissioner in my league just waiting to hear further news. Its not like the virus is going to disappear in a month or two (if anything it'll get worse) so its going to be a tough call for NBA. Cancel it or resume in a few weeks to empty stadiums. If cancelled ill probably refund everyone although I don't mind the idea of splitting it between playoff teams.
  10. wowee what a line. it was so weird I had read the news about Murray earlier in the day then later on I was looking at my wire and browsed right past him for some reason not putting 2 and 2 together lolll. Then when my arch rival made the add it clicked. dudes gna ball out as rotoworld loves to say
  11. And he’s done it again! Was planning on the drop as he’s off for next few days and then he does this !
  12. I think we often get caught up in his bad game because when he’s bad he’s reallll bad. But coming off 3 very good games and with knicks i would not be surprised if he comes out and drops a trip dub in 30 mins tomorrow against the lowly hawks who give up plentyyyy
  13. very vague and not a very promising quote from mr Zach. im in the second week of my first round playoff, all I can hope is I sneak over the line and have him back for round 2. this year has certainly shown no-one is safe, not even the iron men of the league
  14. on the bright side, frank has 3 fouls so lets hope he picks up an early 4th and normality is restored
  15. ive had a lot less stress in my fantasy life since I dropped him