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  1. Waller for sure. Likely no1 receiving option on that team despite drafting a few wr Engram has great upside but fighting for targets a lil more and seems to be injured at some point most years
  2. I really like Jacobs and is guaranteed a reasonable work horse role but given this is a .5 PPR league I would give the edge to Sanders so would prefer him.
  3. Seems like quite a few that have opted out are receiving stipends of approximately $350000 if high risk, $150000 otherwise and contracts carried forward.
  4. The season will be played. Money etc will make sure of that. Still have over 6 weeks till the actual season starts. Things are bad right now but in that time the whole situation could be a lot better. Even if season was delayed surely can play on till March to get season completed or come up with a contingency plan. And I agree Nickmo with regards to players. If you don’t want to play don’t. Those that do and want to continue to get paid for there services so be it. Most normal people have to continue to work regardless of the virus just to survive - it’s a bit pathetic really. Opt out if you’re a player that is really worried - not likely going bankrupt unless you’ve squandered millions
  5. Disagree completely. Quarterback relies heavily on the playcalling and protection from o-line neither of which was anything close to ok. In fact it was downright atrocious. Greg Robinson and Chris Hubbard were probably the worst tackle tandem for any team last season. Kitchens inept playcalling was nothing short of predictable. So Darnold gets an excuse because he has Gase who is not great but there would be no one worse than Kitchens I’m afraid. Imagine if he had Andy Reid, Sean McVay etc would likely be a different story. You can have all the skill players in the world but those other 2 things are required. At times he didn’t look quite like he did in his rookie season but still showed signs as the season wore on that he can still be the quarterback the Browns drafted.
  6. Mayfield hasn’t been that bad. He had a fantastic rookie season and followed that up with a pretty ordinary season. Not all his fault with Kitchens and o-line offering little support and OBJ basically not being OBJ. Looks like the perfect post - hype pick to me. I’ll be scooping him up in a couple of leagues for sure based on where he is being drafted. In that draft of course LJax has been way better to this point but not an entirely fair comparison as Baltimore was one of the few teams that his skill set seemed ready made for. Would LJax in Cleveland worked as well? The rest - Darnold, Rosen and Allen haven’t been better across two seasons of work and especially Darnold and Allen they don’t seem to cop that much criticism. I think the conversation that Mayfield was a bad draft pick can’t really be had for a couple of seasons but as of right now I think it was a bold but ok draft pick.
  7. If Chubb is sitting there at like pick 16 will be hard to pass up as it’s a big drop behind that group that includes Drake, Sanders, Mixon, Jones, Jacobs and Ekeler. Obviously ceiling is a lil capped with Hunt possibly taking more passing work but he knows how to make big plays and will still get plenty of touches. A fine choice as a dependable rb especially if you take a couple of high risk/ high reward draft picks around him. Also think Hunt is a great buy especially for PPR and will also be looking for him in drafts especially as a flex option
  8. Chubb has proven over the last 2 seasons that he is definitely one of the premier options at RB. If Hunt wasn’t on the team Chubb would be going in the top 6 in most redraft leagues. At the moment seems to going in that 12-18 range so Hunt has moved him down nearly a round. He will still get a heap of touches and role is fairly defined so he is pretty much safe as houses.Yes ceiling is somewhat capped with Hunt there especially in passing game but dependable rbs are hard to come by. He knows how to rip big plays, great work ethic, is a good locker room influence - at this stage can’t think of a bad word to say about Chubb. Not to mention Hunt possibly won’t be on Browns next season. Not keeping Chubb would be crazy and I think he is more valuable in keeper leagues where you can keep him multiple seasons
  9. As per your other thread go with Waller
  10. Keeping Mostert definitely looking the right play now
  11. I actually prefer team B. Pretty high on Burrow and Lamb. Obviously this season may be not that great but moving forward will likely be competitive for years to come. You also get a first round pick and Winston who I feel may be given another chance somewhere. Perhaps see if you can get a slightly better player than Penny if you are the one going for Team B since most seem to think Team A is better option otherwise I’d pull the trigger for Team B
  12. Not understanding how you have 5 players who are going in the top 20 of normal redraft leagues. This has to be an 8 team league at most. Must have been some silly spending on guys like CMC and Mahomes.
  13. If I’m having to choose between descending qbs like Roethlisberger, guys who are capped or hit their likely maximum output like Cousins and guys with upside like Jones or Burrow especially if it’s your qb2 I’m taking the guy with upside. Sometimes you strike gold with those. You don’t generally with the other guys - they may be steady and consistent but that’s it. Think Jackson last year, Mahomes the year before, Watson the year before that prior to his injury.