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  1. Followup.... Our league has found 1 of the 2 GM/Owners for our expansion this spring. We've had inquiries but remain diligent not to just add anyone. In our last expansion draft one of the new teams won it all, so this isn't a take over of a crappy team that takes years and years to turn around. Again, we are selective and are not looking to just add a body. If you have interest... post your e-mail addr. here and I'll send further info.
  2. In our 10th season we will be expanding to (12) teams by adding (2) new teams for next season 2020/21. Our league is a lifetime “keeper” league. We have attempted to make the league as close to an experience as a real GM not including a team salary cap (yet). It is a two division, head to head format… stats monitored by Yahoo but we also have our own website(s) where formal rosters, league history, etc. are kept. Some uniqueness to our league is that we have an Entry Draft prior to the NHL’s draft and have a 4th round Entry Draft pick which must be traded for an NHL Roster player before a deadline or you lose it. If interested in being a new GM… I’ll send you a copy of our rules and access to our websites to see it in more detail before committing.
  3. I have a keeper league that has been in operation for almost a decade. We operate within Yahoo but have our own supporting website where our NHL Roster (30), FARM ROSTER (25) and Entry Draft prospects reside. The GMs are from different areas of North America. We are expanding our 10 team league to 12 teams at the end of this season. The 2 new team owners will conduct an expansion draft (rules have already been established) that should allow the two new team owners to be competitive in their first year. If you are interested in further information on our league - leave an e-mail addr here and I'll get back to you.