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  1. we are in the last year of a 3-year dynasty. There are no more picks to facilitate a trade and nobody wants to make a move. Randle is hated in my league and his value for the other gm is low. In the end I've taken Carter 10 mins ago because Randle is too inconsistent for my team. Carter is not producing too much under Boylen system but he won't hurt me in any stats and has huge upside if the Bulls will fire that ****-coach. Randle is not producing good stats in the worst team in the world and his trade value is also very low. It's a risk I know, but the NY is a mess for every fantasy owner with a Knicks player
  2. John collins/Moratn. They are young and with a lot more upside and minutes. George is good but Steven Adams is weaker than Collins or morant
  3. Huerter has huge upside but J-rich for fultz is a Good trade for you
  4. And What About Steven Adams for mi Randle? Do you think is a Good fit for NY team
  5. ok but Randle has been awful all season. Wendell Carter has better percentages, bloks and steals upside. Is simply a problem of Boylen sistem. Randle is untradable and NY is a mess
  6. do the deal you have suggetsed. If you have Davis and Harden in the same team you'll win the title