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  1. i have him fired up. Seems like minutes are beginning to trend up. He provides low end value, however really doesn't hurt you. At this point in the season, id take him over anything volatile sitting on the wire. Washington is in the mix and he should continue to start.
  2. licking my chops at SImmonds going down and Embiids potential to go on a massive run. Only to bump into Zizic.......
  3. i have bagley stashed right now. would you drop him for porter?
  4. I've been running with Dragic all year in my 12 team 9 cat. I am solid in points, assists, but really need to work on the turnorvers coming down the stretch. I dont want to flat out drop this guy because hes too good to be on the wire. Everyone seems hesitant to trade for him because his ranking is around 200. why is his ranking so high in yahoo when hes a relatively productive guy in multiple categories
  5. what kind of league are you in? what does rest of your roster look like? Cant be making trades based on value that's always been my opinion.
  6. I just got Embiid for Derozan, very similar in terms of your deal. Always depends on what you need, but Embiid is a nice source of everything. Turnovers will drive you nuts though.
  7. Guy has a brutal night, and hurls up a brick with seconds ticking off the clock. Those ones are painful to watch.
  8. spurs are running everything through DeRozan and Aldridge. Waiting for the eventual cool down for Murray to get more looks. Hes excellent at rebounding and steals.
  9. Which group of 4 players do you pick to finish the season. I have a couple of trades on the table ready for me to accept but wanted your opinions first. I'll be getting 1 group of 4 and trading one group of 4. League is 9 cat 12 teams A. Davis DeRozan Vucevic Lowry Or Embiid Towns Butler Williamson
  10. I got Embiid, so does that mean i did well?
  11. Norm may not always have sexy lines, but hes going to be efficient, play well defensively and will be low on the turnovers. im keeping him until something goes awry
  12. From initial observation, your likely going to need to get yourself a PG for assists. Unless of course you are punting. Maybe move a C/PF for one
  13. I got Embiid He got DeRozan 9 Cat 12 team. Needed rebounds and blocks. Injury concerns me with Embiid but the ceiling is higher then DeRozan who is currently on an absolute heater. Davis Ingram Vucevic Lowry Holiday Embiid Bryant Dragic IR : Bagley Ibaka Gasol N. Powell D. Murray