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  1. WOW just WOW cant belive the 5 steals and two blocks
  2. Hell have his few bad game here and there but with lavine you know he will bounce back. Usually after 1 game maximum 3
  3. I never understood where inconsistent came from.Zachs played 39 games this year and had maybe 5- 6 bad games. BUt regardless zachs beasting even more now
  4. what a line buy lavine!!! 32pts 13/24 5 rebs 6 assist three 3pm 2 stls. Kids a beast!!!!
  5. I think lavine jinxed himself when he said those clutch free throws were easy against the wizards...lol
  6. Not really lack of shot attempts cos teammates are getting them like somone said teammates are doing there job and getting them in.Its just cos he hasnt got the ability to. HE was like that back in his bulls days when he was the number 1 option.Would get around 38 minutes a game but would struggle to get more then 15 shots. There was one year he put up 16 shots a game. But if your playing 38 minutes a game and number 1 option should be able to atleast get 18 shots a game but butler cant very limited in his offense i dont know how he got buckets as his nickname hes not a great scorer. IF hes gonna have any chance to average 25 he needs at least 40 min per game even then with those 40 min butler would prob struggle to get 25ppg
  7. YOur right about his offensive game hes very limited in his offensive game and struggles to get many shots off.Only time he does get like 15 shots off is if he plays 35 minutes plus.Dunno about clutch with his jumpers. Hes missed every single potential game winner or shot to tie this year. Only way butler will average 25 plus a game this year is if he plays 40 minutes a game
  8. lavine been killing it as of late. THink lavine can push to 25 ppg buy the end of the year and 5 reb and 4 assists. Cant wait until he has a 50 pt game this year its gonna come
  9. lavine clutch. Wouldve been epic if he waited until the buzzer
  10. not affecting him tonight against the clippers guys a beast
  11. Everyone getting excited on 20-7 stat line that should be considered a quiet game for lauri. If this is considered a good game for lauri then im still worried
  12. Not this game. Whiteside clogged the lane and it was a block party he was swatting everyone.
  13. His points reb and assists wills start trending up.Early in the season he was only getting roughly 32 minutes a game and only played more then 35 plus munutes once. BUt the last 3 of 4 games hes gotten 35 min plus except for the blazers game cos it was a blow out. IF his minutes stick at 35 minutes plus lavine will easily average 25 5rb 5 asst per game