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  1. Hi everyone PPR league, barring new injuries: who should i keep as my keeper for next year draft: Julian Edelman (will get him on 6th round) Or Mark Ingram (will get him on 3th round) Thanks
  2. No IL trade deadline has passed
  3. Hi i'm currently on 6th place, 0.5 games from ninth place (8 teams qualify for playoffs...). i'm pretty sure i will lose this week and i must win next week in order to ensure my playoff spot (if not, i will be dependent on other teams results) i already have embiid in my team and hope he will return next week Should i cut him or keep him and take the risk? i can cut him even today and pick someone (Reddish for example) for earning 2 games and trying to save this week matchup 14 Team H2H 9-cat Current Roster (Steph Curry, Tatum, THJ, Clarckson, Bledsoe, Collins, Melo, KAT, Embiid, Norm Powell, Royce O'neale, Danuel House)
  4. Hi as a disappointed KAT owner who is fighting for playoff spot, I really needs to trying and trade him as I fear he will miss extended period like his knee injury what do you think I can get for him? would you trying to offer him for Butler? Whiteside? Capela+Oubre? Hield+ Ibaka? these are my options from the top seeded teams I my league thanks
  5. 14 teams leagues, my team is (punt assists): towns embiid collins tatum bledsoe J-rich melo clarckson tim hardaway JR mcgee shamet (streamer) steph curry (picked him as i am 2 games away from 9th place,,,)
  6. Hi i have been offered with 2 trades for my Embiid and Bledsoe: 1. Jamal Murray + Lamarcus Aldridge 2. Kevin Love, Middleton and Sexton do you like these offers? would you do one of them? thanks
  7. 14 teams 9cat H2H, punt assists I give: Bledsoe, Thomas Bryant/Markkenen I get: Embid Should I offer the trade? My team is: PG - Bledose, Mccollum, SG - Josh Richardson, THJ, Terrence Ross SF - Jayson Tatum, Carmelo Anthony PF - John Collins, Lauri Markkenen C - KAT, Deandre Jordan, Thomas Bryant
  8. I can pick from the waiver wire THJ Norman Powell or GR III
  9. My team includes now KAT, McCollum, Collins, Bledsoe, j rich, Markkanen, melo, Tatum, diandre , Ross Thomas Bryant and p j tucker
  10. Just got an offer and i would appriciate to hear your opinion: Should i trade my Markkenen Josh Rhcardson and Terrence Ross for geting Kemba? Should i offer instead my Bledso and Markkenen for Kemba? Thanks
  11. pull now on the green button before he will regret!
  12. sitting 5th place in a 14 teamer with 6-4 schedule, but i have KAT in my team and i'm worried regarding his situation in Minnesota. would you trade him along with Delon Wright for Bam Adebayo and Paul George? thanks in advance!
  13. Hi who should i start with instead of Henry? Dion Lewis or sterling shepard? in addition- Austin hooper or Hollister?
  14. Who to start today in my TE spot (finals today): Hooper vs Jacksonville Hollister vs Arizona 0.5 PPR thanks!