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  1. 39 sexy minutes 14-18FGM 3-4 3PTM 1-4FTs 32/7/2/3/2 JUICY.
  2. Would like to say that he made up for the lack of boards with those stocks! Yummy!
  3. Rough.. The one guy on my team who hasn't gotten injured yet and here we are.
  4. Honestly, the way Walton's handling things is pretty poor. It was proven in LA and it's still showing here in SAC. You dont give a guy 94mil to play 23-25 min..
  5. Dude did you see those DameRange 3s?? They were WET tonight I'm telling you. Now you wait til he gets on that scoring run again towards this final stretch.
  6. 39 sexy minutes 12-16FGM 5-6 3PTM 29pts 9Reb 3Ast 1Blk Every time he gives me these numbers I remember some dumbass saying "i kNeW fr0m dA g3tG0 tHat doumbaya wAs dA piK" F outta here son and eat my WOOD
  7. In my 16T definitely holding. He'll be picked up as soon as waivers are cleared and I can't have another manager benefit from him. MINE lol. goodluck with your playoffs!
  8. I'm a bit worried about his groin (yeap, I said it) but welcome to DameTime! Enjoy the ride. Now let's hope he can will his team to the playoffs!
  9. It's Casey though so who knows what he'd be like. I'll be interested but will take a wait and see approach.
  10. For the brief time that I have him on my team (2 games) he's done nothing but piss on my %s 🙃
  11. Can't say that I'm thrilled. Didn't really watch the game but I'm picking up Juancho (dropped the other day) after tomorrow's game and then re-evaluate again after.
  12. Fox is Out (lower abdomen) No reason for Walton not to give Buddy his run.
  13. Bro i swear we have the same guys on our team 😂 but anyway, man i was about to say the same thing. Too bad for him.. on to the next!
  14. Okay i'll give you that. I dont normally laugh from comments but I did on this one. I picked him up too cuz Clarke happened. 👌🏽