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  1. Same with people who were selling Kobe shoes online for 10x the price on the day he died I snapped all their ID on taobao and posted them on weibo so no one buys their stuff. There were even some Chinese *fans* bad mouthing Kobe said he died too early that he couldn't stock up on all his shoes so he can make a profit. These types of scums are what makes Chinese people look bad FFS ... I hate them. /rant
  2. Dude is really good if you punt reb. Gives you decent FG% and FT% while gives you off position ast. The marshmallow man is quite durable too, however definitely ranked too high on the board. Should be a low 1st round early second round player.
  3. Lucky someone outbid me when i try to drop him yesterday I'm sure his wrist would have been healed when they fix this CoronaVirus issue.
  4. WED, MAR 11, 11:01 PMROTOWIRE.COM Jokic had 14 points (7-10 FG, 0-2 3Pt), 13 rebounds and eight assists in 34 minutes during the Nuggets' 113-97 loss to the Mavericks on Wednesday. Spin: Nearly nabbing a triple-double, Jokic shot above 50 percent after failing to do so in Denver's previous four contests. He hasn't quite resembled a first-round fantasy asset lately, but Wednesday may have symbolized Jokic's emergence from his slump. The NBA will be entering a period of uncertainty due to the COVID-19 virus. While global safety is clearly the priority, owners will hope that Jokic returns from the delay healthy and hungry. When I saw this on ESPN first thing I thought was Jokic is going to be hungry because he can't find anyone to make him some cheeseburgers? ~~
  5. I just thought you were since you posted a lot on Kyle Lowry's forum ~ never mind lol I never knew Mike Bibby played for the warriors... who is the handsome stud?
  6. Agree. I actually want him to be in the second unit so he can feast
  7. White not in starting lineup... are we expecting similar production?
  8. I was just going to post this lol ~ Good stuff champ
  9. Is he worth a pickup now that Embiid and Simmons are out indefinately?
  10. Dropped Chris Paul for Graham early in the season because CP3 wasn't giving me 9 ast/g like his usual self and thought that he will eventually get traded. Now CP3 is ranked 2nd in his position fml
  11. Dropped Chris Paul for Graham early in the season because he wasn't producing 9+ ast per game and thought that he eventually going to be traded and Shai is the primary ball handler ~ now seems like CP still has lotz in the tank and ranked 2nd in his position