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  1. Thanks so much for your detailed analysis... after reading all your comments, I just dropped him. Luckily I could still add Josh Richardson in my league
  2. Thinking if I should drop him or not... our league lasts till the last day of the regular season, so theoretically he can still play in the week of Apr 6 - 15, though seems like a slim chance
  3. Would you rather have J Rich, Richaun Holmes or OG Anunoby on your fantasy team? Pondering between the 3
  4. He's on my league's waiver wire... worth dropping Simmons to get him? I have a feeling Simmons won't be back until at least the last week of the playoffs, and even so might be limited
  5. Holmes in my league's free agency... worth dropping Ben to get him? Holmes seems to be capable of giving monster numbers e.g. 20 pts, 9 boards, 2 steals, 2 blocks
  6. Should I drop him and add Levert in a 10-man points league?
  7. Should I add him and drop Turner in a 10-man points league?
  8. Worth dropping Bryant for him on waivers? I'm in a 10-team points league, no IR, not deep. I think I can survive with him taking my slot, but just wondering if Wagner is worth adding. If he continues to play well, would Bryant take a bench role later during the fantasy playoffs? Or possible that Wagner starts with Bryant together?
  9. Currently holding Bryant in a 10-team points league with no IR spot... Should I drop him for the following? Wagner TJ Warren Gay D Murray
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