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  1. It’s concerning he hasn’t touched 28 minutes yet, but if he doesn’t sit b2b I wouldn’t mind 20-25 minutes of Bryant
  2. Currently in my 1st round bye. Preparing to drop Bryant if he is underwhelming this week despite his 4 game slate next week. Which out of the 4 has the most upside?
  3. As unfortunate as it is I feel like If you don’t have a first round bye or open IR slot he’s a drop. I’m holding only because I have the bye but I’m also holding on LA, hoping he comes back within a week so KAT doesn’t burn a roster spot
  4. Even with Love and Drummond in Nance getting 38+ minutes 👀. Potential league winner
  5. He’s been solid for a while now, I think approaching must add territory
  6. Who in your opinion is better ROS? Paschall has been good lately but not sure how safe his position is when Draymond returns.
  7. Too many trolls around here, no one knows exactly what’s happening but the signs point to KAT returning. Combination of positive progress as well as KAT wanting to play with his new squad and build chemistry leads me to believe he’s coming back. Just depends on when In fantasy playoffs he does
  8. Drummond out Wednesday let the Nance Dance continue!
  9. Dang just used one of my adds on Lyles when I was debating over Nance or Lyles. Not sure if its worth using another add for Nance
  10. Currently first and will get bye week next week so I’m able to stash. Should I hold Millsap with hopes he’s going to return to form or grab one of these two?
  11. If you’re fighting for a playoff spot it may be okay to drop him but for anyone who’s safely in playoffs it’d be foolish to drop someone which this much upside.
  12. Grant ain’t a problem no more, Trillsap is a must own in 10s and deeper
  13. Amidst the news that Capela might be out ROS, is Dedmon a no brainer vs. Juan for stock potential?