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  1. Some notable names are White, Kleber, Monte Morris, Wood, Bruce Brown, McRae, Melton, Theis, Ariza I’m currently first in my league comfortably but am losing patience, even with Drummond traded I’m losing confidence that the kid can even sustain top 100 value. Are any of the names above definitely worth a add over Sekou? If not I’d love to know why thanks!
  2. I want to drop this guy so bad but I’ll try to be patient by the deadline. Right now mainly waiting for anyone in my league to drop someone who they shouldn’t and that’s when Doum will get the boot
  3. Having a very Isaac-esque line, but he’s been horrible before this game. Not sure I trust it
  4. Im gonna give THJ a shot, dropped McRae for him. If anyone could clarify this I’d appreciate it but I don’t know why he gets so much heat, with lots of people saying he isn’t rosterable in 10s or 12s. He’s posting top 80 numbers the past couple months and has been consistently producing double digit numbers with 3s and sprinkles of rebounds and a steal here and there. His % has also improved to almost .500. Ofc that might regress but I think he should hover the top 100s FOS with his high usage, I’m hoping to hold him through the season
  5. Going to hold until trade deadline even if he does poorly this week, if anything depending on your lineups you could prob sit him and see how he progresses. I got a tough choice of picking Doom or BogBog
  6. Someone dropped in my league due to the schedule. Grabbed and holding, I think his ROS is worth it
  7. If anything try trading your worse guy for Huerter in your leagues, maybe someone’s dumb enough to bite
  8. KAT’s back, lets see how this affects our boy
  9. Any other mans here bought low on KAT? Pretty much traded PG13 straight up for KAT and PG13 ain’t even back yet
  10. took a tentative add on him, I’m hoping he can produce a little but until the trade deadline or at the least not be injured. The off chance he gets to go on a team that’ll use him correctly is tempting, just scared that his hamstring injury is legit since he hasn’t looked the same since then. But when he was fully healthy shortly after the Fox injury he was posting top 30 numbers.
  11. Never mind he’s out Sunday, dropped for BogBog I’m out
  12. Anyone here holding incase he gets traded to a better situation? Or is he too broken to hold
  13. Going to wait one more week, hard to hold his guy