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  1. KD, Klay, Wall, Isaac have zero chance of returning. All have serious injuries and would need several practices and full camps. I know we play fantasy but some taking fantasies too far lol. The only positive is dudes with nagging injuries like Jimmy, Ayton can get extended rest and return sharp AF
  2. Ya man I did but others moved on from Capela, Brogdon and injured stars. I have locked transactions in our league so no slimy activity occurs. If we resume the guys who dropped injured players I will let them pick them back up as no one for sure knew season would get stopped. But honestly man this was the icing on the cake for how sh** and not enjoyable this fantasy season has been
  3. All that height and peanuts for a brain smh
  4. Forget fantasy and do a playoff pool for the teams that qualify for the playoffs it will be an absolute mess to sort this out. My league playoffs were to start next week and last 2 spots were very close
  5. Woj just said on sports center that initial talks are season will resume but very shortened
  6. Yes sir I am. You need to be on a desktop. Log in and on top click “commissioner”. On the right you’ll see manage other teams. Click on it and the very top option says “lock teams” you can click on everyone and stop add/drop players
  7. Commons boys we know he’s out for the entire season, there’s a better chance we replace Hugh Hefner
  8. I’ve halted transactions in mine. I dropped Simmons today and our wire has Brogdon, Oubre so someone could get sneaky during the suspended play
  9. Gobert passed it to his teammate Mudiay. Silver should never let him play in the nba again
  10. Silver needs to drop the hammer on the big baby and suspend him for life!
  11. Imagine losing a season because of a French cry baby. Dude should be banned for that stupid move he made absolutely shocking. Sad day for Lakers fans the playoff drought continues
  12. I’m commissioner of my league and might do the same. I’m second place but I don’t care anymore this entire season has been comical and can’t end soon enough