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  1. Starting to get to the line I love it! This is the beauty I drafted
  2. Wow how did that not get reviewed? Very dirty play and I’m glad OKC got the last laugh and won
  3. The Lord needs to work on his 3 point shooting. Ugly game
  4. Keep going Mike, prove the haters wrong and go off ros
  5. Starting to look like the Towns of old but dude never gets calls from refs
  6. Who’s hating? He went off first half and struggled second what’s your issue?
  7. Ya turned it around and thankfully game went to OT
  8. Butler doesn’t rest lol what don’t you understand? Pat Riley and Spo hate old management. Heat have a small lead on Toronto for 2nd if he wasn’t hurt he would play
  9. Kawhi produces every game and hasn’t missed any games lately. I suggest looking at Kawhi’s game log before comparing them
  10. Typical Jimmy. Heat only play 3 games already out for 1. Dude plays like sh** yesterday and sits today lol