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  1. I’m not very confident going forward in standard format.
  2. Are we all agreeing to also start Dillon over Edelman as my Flex this week? I’ll get back to you you guys soon.
  3. We all know Jones will be out tomorrow. I didn’t blow my 1st waiver pick on Williams, thinking I may should have. Dillon us open, just don’t know how productive he’ll be - dude looks like an absolute beast though. I’d be dropping John Brown or Freeman for him.
  4. Obviously this is unknown territory as we haven’t seen him play yet, but we’ve seen what Fitz has been able to do over there this year thus far. Toying with the idea of dropping him to clear some roster space. Cam has no bye weeks going forward.
  5. Jackson being limited yesterday after a bye week is concerning, no report today as of writing this. But with Freeman’s game being tonight, I’ve got that decision to make.
  6. Both strong arguements. It is a big possibility Chark gets used as a decoy. Should have mentioned this is standard format, also should have mentioned Shenault is free to pick up right now - but I’d have to drop somebody. John Brown being that drop that comes to mind.
  7. I’d gamble over starting both Edmonds & Drake. Shenault & Drake, Drake is still getting the bulk of the work though I think it’s time for the Cardinals to flip that order. Shoot, I’m considering dropping John Brown and grabbing Shenault just for this week. Ugh.
  8. That’s tough. Good comeback matchup for Jones, but that’s a gamble. Patrick is a gamble too, but likely a safer gamble. Patriots defense is doing better than expected this year, but regardless.
  9. That’d be Kupp, Chark & Edelman. Hmph. Newton Kupp Chark A.Jones Freeman Schultz (ugh!) Edelman J.Sanders Patriots backups Gallup Jacobs (bye) J.Brown (questionable, Monday) Fant (out) J.Jackson (bye) Lutz (bye)
  10. The idea of either makes me bite on leather, combined with the fact I’ve got Gallup on flex - I have no other options. I think this will be the week I take my first L.
  11. I have Jones, Jacobs & Freeman. Bye’s are over with after this week for Jones & Jacob’s. Giants seemed to have pulled back on the committee approach and let Freeman take the bulk now. Planned to slot Freeman in the Flex going forward. When Ekeler is back Jackson & Kelley won’t be fantasy relevant, I believe. I feel he’s using up my roster space when I likely won’t be using him. I’ve got Chark & Brown, who have both been a headcase in fantasy the last few weeks. But specifically Chark this week. Shenault is free to pick up right now, so I’m thinking about dropping Jackson for him in the case Chark doesn’t play (even if he does play, Shenault may be the better start for fantasy this week). If Fant played this week, would have dropped Schultz instead - but Fant is out. Edelman is my only Chark replacement assuming John Brown is out this week as well. Thoughts?
  12. Dalton displayed some last minute flash with Gallup last week, has great words to say about him and seems to believe in him more than his own coaching staff does - for whatever that’s worth. I’m slotting Gallup this week without too much confidence because it’s unknown territory with Dalton under center. My gut tells me he’ll grab a couple of long air grabs but no TD’s in Dalton’s first game, I feel like he’s going to attempt to force feed the ball to the other established receivers in the red zone. I’m in a bind this week having Chark on my roster who’s likely to not play and Shenault free to pickup but nobody to drop. Ugh!
  13. Well that was a hit on my team just now. Gallup hasn’t produced yet, but it’s only a matter of time - could that time be now? Brown has been consistent and has seen more targets though.