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  1. Points League Should I 1) Trade my sabonis and Dinwiddie for Capela and Brogdon 2) Trade my Sabonis and Vucevic for Siakim and Gobert Or obviously keep my guys?
  2. Sabonis ros can be top 15 definetly not veto worthy
  3. How much do y’all think his season outlook will change once zions back? Worth sending out some trades or hold?
  4. Any educated guesses/ opinions on if the cortisone shots will hold up for the ros? His values obviously there but I’m afraid of his shoulder being in question again out of nowhere
  5. You still want him? I still think I may drop now if you’d like. Have a couple streamers more effective than him rn anyway
  6. Points league should I accept Buddy Hield for my Bagley? I know Buddy has a higher ceiling but he’s been struggling this season and bagley is a positive question mark now that he’s back and will soon get his minutes up
  7. he may not be playing with another superstar now but any tiny setback from now on could have the nets end his season for surgery again for next season with Durant.
  8. There’s a difference between drafting a guy who’s injury prone and holding onto the same guy who was going to get season ending surgery a week ago before a little cortisone shot is now holding him together. Very reasonable to decide to trade him away.
  9. Thanks for the reply. It’s still hard to give him up but I’m in a points league so do you think it would be worth it?
  10. Harden has been pretty untouchable this season so if someone would give him up then yea
  11. I would take the risk on curry help?
  12. Pg been on a bit of a shooting slump but still putting up same value as Collins. Pg with a higher ceiling. Help?