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  1. .25 ppr so receptions are negligible. All of these guys have a red flag. Kupp’s recent low snap count (albeit good matchup-DAL), Sutton has a tough matchup (though game flow could be in his favor-KC), Sanders has been inconsistent and SF could go run heavy (though good matchup-ATL), and Mack has a tougher matchup and game flow threat (though NO defense is banged up).
  2. Decent floor, just don’t think the ceiling is very high.
  3. Mostert for sure, other two are closer. I’d lean mack due to volume and opportunity
  4. Dak and Ryan. Cowboys game will either be a shootout or Dallas will be playing from behind (Dak has feasted in garbage time)
  5. I can see the Seahawks going run heavy, and I can also see the Chiefs getting ahead of the Broncos early. I’d go with Mahomes, myself.
  6. Pains me to say, but I consider Goff the safer bet