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  1. I don't think $11 million is a lot in the NBA salaries anymore. That's basically slightly better than average role player money now. I watched him briefly today. He looked a little lost out there. Curious if he worked on anything of substance over the Summer?
  2. Well if he really means it, he can probably get that trade agreed on by the owner of Kanter in his league.
  3. If you are looking for immediate payoff from him now, I think that's silly. If you have him now, you are making an investment. He looks like he could be a good point guard. If history is likely to repeat, Beverley and Gallinari will get hurt, the Clippers will fall out of playoff picture and the kid will get a lot more consistent playing time. Figuring they'll probably try to trade some of these guys out also, so they got to play them to build some value in them.
  4. I think some of you are underrating what he will probably do this season. We finally have a coach who is not going to wait until ASB to let the kids play. I'm thinking, that not only will he start, but he will probably get garbage time minutes also, kind of like the starters in Phoenix with Booker and Ayton.
  5. You are talking to a lot of people who only want stats and have no clue or care about the actual game or process.
  6. Kanter should not be in their future as a starter at least. Robinson can definitely move. I'd be excited if I was a Knicks fan. He is a little too enthusiastic about blocking shots as he goes after everything. Hopefully he learns to control that urge some so he doesn't always get in foul trouble.
  7. They're only 6 games into the season. I think it's a little premature to be making such a prediction considering they are making a commitment to playing him as much as they are already to start. He's got a great opportunity to learn the hard way with minutes available to him. If and when Markkanen comes back, he will help spread the court better. Dunn has only played one game also. Just saying, it's probably more reasonable to expect him to improve more quickly versus being on a team with limited opportunity assuming he has the talent, skill and willingness to work and learn hard.
  8. If you watch him on good nights, you wonder why he doesn't play more. I've owned him when he has started up good stretches before, and eventually he got into foul trouble or got hurt. He may be a little soft in regards to playing when a little hurt. He has all the opportunity in the world though, so I can see the excitement but it also has a lot to do with him and his availability to play and keep himself in a game.
  9. Been intrigued with him for last couple of years. Seems inconsistent and to get a lot of injuries that he can't play through though. Frustrating as he looks like he has skills and athleticism to be a quality big man. Maybe this is the year.
  10. Been saying it for awhile that Rubio is not all that. In the current NBA of dominant point guards, he's that much weaker now as most good to great teams, the point guard is a legitimate threat on offense, Rubio is nowhere close and at this point of his career, it's not likely to happen. I think he worked hard on his shot over the summer but it's just not enough now. He's not a threat to drive and dish, because he's not a finisher as he has never built up his strength. So you have a guy who can make some sweet passes given the opportunity but really nothing else on offense. Lot of people argued last year, just give the ball to Rubio, let him make it happen. Lot of times they didn't even play him in the closing minutes if the game was close. Pretty hard to do it when the opposing teams can pretty much sag on him. Now he's on Utah and people argue he needs more help around him. Which one is it? Don't go saying he's that good. He could have had as much ball as he wanted but it's pretty hard to create on offense if you aren't a threat especially now. He would have been better off staying in Minnesota statistically. The only thing he really needed there to look statistically better was more three point shooters there. Utah needs a creator on offense and they have had to go to a rookie shooting guard. Moving to Utah just made the point more obvious who argued that Rubio is not a good point guard. He was a good fantasy point guard because of his assists and steals, but that does not translate to real NBA. He probably needs to just be a backup with some young gazelles running next to him and some spot up shooters. He's not taking any team to championship contender as a starter.
  11. Bell is undersized for a power forward and center. He is very athletic and has to jump and move quickly to make up for his lack of size. Teams are more aware of him and starting to pump fake and ball fake on him to get him to bite more on defense to misdirect. His best attribute on defense will probably be off the ball as a help defender. On offense he really doesn't offer much but looks great when on the run and cutting to the basket with an offense loaded with talent that opens up the lanes for him. He needs a lot of work on offense individually. He is a role player for now and may very well always be if he can't develop offensively and learn not to leave his feet so much on defense. He is a good fit for the Warriors current roster.
  12. I have both Chriss and Richardson on a team. I can understand the frustration of owning both and have been tormented about waiving them with the upside each has. I am more comfortable holding Richardson because he's getting the minutes and seemed to have been in a real rut versus Chriss who appears to not be mature and really learning from his mistakes. Lot of different type of leagues out there so hard to judge what is a good move or not. To me, given that Richardson was expected to be a lot better than what he's done this season, if he fits on your team and you have someone to waive, I probably wouldn't wait to find out if this better play is legit or not. I was wondering in my other league where I have more bench spots if he might become available but it did not happen. I came close to waiving him, but my gut was turning so hard in regards and did not pull the trigger.
  13. I thought he looked pretty good yesterday. Warriors were not full strength though. Even then it's pretty easy to say this guy has a high basketball IQ. He has some skills and talent. He probably needs to get stronger in the legs so he can finish stronger. He seemed to have good chemistry with Cauley-Stein. He threw some passes/lobs to him in traffic that were not easy passes.
  14. Looks like Ulis got the start today, but still a time share.