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  1. I'm actually very surprised how quiet this has been. Mancini is a very good player and there has been virtually no attention paid to this at all. The whole thing sounds very ominous. My first thought is that I hope he is okay. My second thought is this could be a very big blow to owners who already have him on the roster. I'm one of those in one of my leagues. In the other, he would have to fall very far for me to draft him without further news. I'm talking about the draft endgame. It just isn't worth even a mid-round pick for a guy who could be anything from a brief absence to a lost se
  2. I know all about Rush. That was actually as close as he has ever come to giving a pitcher credit for having some value by saying I should ask for the other guy's best hitter. I turned down the deal. I think I'm going to end up just keeping Cole.
  3. I doubt I'm getting better value, but holding on to him is an option.
  4. I don't think y'all are considering the salary differential, but thanks. I was already thinking it was a no. I was just trying to figure out if I was missing something.
  5. The salary is the thing, but I'm not really considering it. I'm just trying to figure out if I'm missing something.
  6. This is my money league keeper. We have eight spots for veterans and five for rookies on our keeper list. I was made the following offer, with player salaries in parentheses. I give: Gerrit Cole ($33) I get: Ryan McMahon ($6) and Casey Mize ($3) Mize is a big upgrade in one of my rookie spots, but McMahon is part of a very crowded infield with the Rockies. It seems like I'm not getting enough and I should pass, but I figured I would seek more opinions before making a move. Thoughts? WHIR. Just share a link.
  7. Sorry I'm late in helping out. I think you made the right call taking the deal.
  8. Yeah, adding Brujan as well was a no go. Lux is a lot cheaper than Seager and being eligible for one of the rookie slots adds a lot to his value. There is some serious risk involved, but I really like Lux's upside.
  9. Jimenez and May. I'm not sold on Bell. Help with mine?
  10. I was going to say pass, but I remembered that Clevinger also missed half of last season. I don't think much of Neris or Urias, either. I say go for it. Help with mine?
  11. Buehler, Alvarez, Judge and Story. I still haven't heard a good reason for Ramirez's flame-out last season. With other strong options. let him be someone else's problem. Help with mine?
  12. This is in place of another offer I started a thread on yesterday, but I wanted the details in the headline. This is my money league, which has a slow auction draft, so the salaries matter. I am able to keep eight veterans and five rookies. I like my veterans, but I don't even have five rookies. The offer currently on the table is as follows, with the player salaries for 2020 in parentheses: I give Yoan Moncada ($20) I get: Luis Castillo ($16) and Gavin Lux ($3) I'm a little concerned about Castillo's fade at the end of 2019, but he is a good pitcher with a str
  13. I only keep eight veterans, so I'm not that worried about position. The deal would leave me with no third basemen. Without it, I don't keep a shortstop. He would give me Brujan instead. I just lose a lot of offense if I don't bring back a bat. I'm not sure Castillo, Kiriloff and Brujan are enough of a return.
  14. My money league keepers are due next month. (We do a slow auction that takes about a month, so we have to do it early).I put Yoan Moncada and some others on the block just to see what I could get. We can protect eight veterans and five minor leaguers. The salaries of the eight veterans go up $5 and the minor leaguers stay the same. I only have four minor leaguers worth keeping.The offer I got is as follows, with 2020 salaries:Give: Moncada ($20)Receive: Corey Seager ($21), Luis Castillo ($16) and prospect Alex Kiriloff ($3). I really like Kiriloff. Castillo would bump Eduardo Rodrigue ($14). I
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