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  1. Please email - hd a member that can’t make it to draft and looking for replacement. League is $100 per and pays out 700/300. first come - first serve through email. Thanks a lot
  2. Hey guys, have a 10-man .5 PPR league scheduled to run tonight. $100 entry, 700/300 payout - No K’s or D/ST Would love to get this filled tonight Please email with interest first come - first serve!
  3. Hey guys, looking to fill this open hole in our dynasty league. Is $250 per spot. Team is very good. Please email if interested or if you have any questions
  4. Please email or message me on Twitter @VarneyDFS - Runs on FanTrax - draft begins at 7:30 EST tonight 10-man, SF with no K or D/ST first to email gets the spot
  5. $100 per head and runs on FanTrax with SuperFlex 0.5 PPR - No K’s or D/ST PLEASE EMAIL First to email gets the spot note the 2 s’s on the end of sports.
  6. Will be run on FanTrax - 10-man league 5x5 with OBP instead of AVG and QS instead of W $100 per person - $700/$300 payout - Draft is Thursday night at 7:30 EST Please email with interest first come - first serve
  7. Am looking to fill this league that is scheduled to draft Friday. We need just one more spot filled. 10-man, SuperFlex, 0.5 PPR, no Kickers or D/ST If you have any questions, email me at
  8. Hey guys, have just one spot left and would love to get this filled so we can draft on our scheduled date (Friday). league is 10-man, on FanTrax, .5 PPR, SuperFlex - Please email me at if you have interest. First one to send the email gets the spot.
  9. 10-man, $100 per startup dynasty on FanTrax. PLEASE only commit if you plan on staying past this season. My goal is to have a booming dynasty league, so ignore if you plan on disappearing. Superflex, .5 PPR Please email with any interest - draft is this Friday and we’re just looking to fill the last spot. first come, first serve -
  10. Hey guys, draft is going to be at 7 PM EST on Sunday night. I’m looking to fill these last two spots and want to make sure we can draft on schedule. please email or DM me on Twitter @VarneyDFS I am a writer for Awesemo, and will be keeping track of the league on Twitter. Please only join if you intend to participate.
  11. Will be run on FanTrax - Draft is scheduled for tomorrow night! We just need to find the last two members. This is a startup dynasty league, so please only join if you plan on making the commitment. email me at or on Twitter @VarneyDFS -
  12. Hey guys, 1 non-payer and draft is tonight. ESPN, .5 PPR - 2 QB, 2 FLEX Email if interested
  13. Guys, have 1 non-payer and we are looking to run this draft tonight. League has been full, but one bad apple. ESPN, 10-man, 5x5 Please email if interested.