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  1. We'll revisit this post in the future.
  2. But they're not though. The Ravens are still in the top 3 in rushing. They don't have problems running the ball. At least they didn't before they started having injury woes on the offensive line. They run and pass at the same ratio as a year ago. The only major issue with Baltimore's run game is that they're TERRIBLE running the ball on 1st down. And the reason why is because they almost always do. It's predictable. I was hoping they'd do more play action on 1st like they did against the Colts. But they haven't. Well I wasn't hoping that TODAY...I'm a Titans fan.
  3. He has about 600 rushing yards this season. He might get 1000 again depending on how the final 6 games go. The passing offense is the issue in Baltimore.
  4. Anyone see JK FURIOUS on the sideline when he was taken out of the game after a 9 yard gain? I think it was in the 2nd quarter.
  5. The difference between AJ Brown...or even Corey Davis to Hollywood Brown and Miles Boykin is heaven and earth. Davis and AJ WHIPPED Marlon Humphrey and Marcus Peters one on one in the 2nd half. COOKED em. Baltimore's receivers can't do that. They just can't. And Marlo and Peters are pro bowlers.
  6. Also he also made a great throw on a crossing route to Andrews on 3rd and 13 early in the game (it was a really tight window too). This passing offense is broken and it can't be fixed until the offseason. And it's EVERYONE's fault. The GM. The coach. Greg Roman. The OL isn't playing well. The receivers aren't very good. Lamar hasn't been very good in spite of that (and in part because of that). They really need to get a big body guy who can win on the perimeter. Dez looks promising but Hollywood can't play out on the numbers anymore. He simply can't. What Snead does he does well but he's limited. And Miles Boykin is basically benched at this point.
  7. The ball to Andrews wasn't under thrown (idk why Tony Romo said this). He threw that expecting Mark to high point it but Andrews waited on it and tried to underhand it. Byard (I think that's who it was) also made a great play. Mark needs to step up and high point the ball. That's been an issue with Baltimore's pass catchers all year. Not attacking the ball when it's in the air. The deep ball to Duvernay was also Duvernay's fault. There's not a single route in the route tree at ANY level of football that tells a WR to run 40 yards down field and turn 180 degrees around and look for the ball. Run through the catch. At the very least it shouldn't have been intercepted. He misjudged it and the ball flew over his head. That play is an entire microcosm of why Lamar doesn't take a lot of shots deep. I agree with the third down to Andrews later. That ball needs to be completed. And he threw to Hollywood on that deep ball about a second too late. From the replay it looked he was looking somewhere else and came off the read too late. It's an indictment on this WR core that Dez Bryant hasn't played in three years and was the most productive out of everyone on the core.
  8. JK is gonna be the starter going forward I suspect. Ingram simply can't get carries unless an injury happens. He simply can't. Great guy but he's not the same player.
  9. One trick ponies don't survive in the NFL at wide receiver. Unless their name is Randy Moss or Desean Jackson. Deep shots are low percentage plays. His inability to consistently catch on target balls, inability to get YAC, and his short comings as a route runner are making him not only look like a fantasy bust, but an NFL one. The kid simply struggles to separate on short and intermediate routes.
  10. Baltimore's passing offense is broken and can't be fixed before the offseason. I hope their fans have accepted that. OL is bad. Lamar is erratic. Receivers aren't reliable and drop too many passes. Miscues in route running. Sometimes guys don't look like they even know what to do when the ball is snapped.