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  1. AG & Melo for me. AG plays really well before the all-star break and hopefully will continue to do so in woes of the dunk robbery. melo will have more opportunity since lillard is injured. i dont trust barret at all. I'm also in points league and he is waiver quality. good luck
  2. I'd drop holmes and find someone better. he will be re-evaluated in 2-3 weeks time, not necessarily play. if you're fighting for playoff games, u have to many IR atm. drop him and stream the spot for extra games. Rjax just got traded, brown could be good. monk / chriss / beasley / wood / hernangomez if any available. clarkson. good luck
  3. I'd rather stash WCJ or Lauri if they're still available. if not, between the two I'm leaning towards Kennard. Nobody knows for sure how Otto will perform but before he was injured he wasn't playing well. Kennard on the other hand was playing well. here's mine:
  4. Take it. Kat is plagued with knee injury going forward and will have a lot of rest days. What're u guys opinion on:
  5. Bam & Jrue. PG too many injuries, re-aggravated the hamstring. KP kinda struggles every time Doncic plays, only recently he played well together. I'd stick with BAM/JRUE here's mine!
  6. bertans if ur league value 3pt highly. murray will get a hit once derozan is back kindly give ur opinion!
  7. Chriss, Payton, Barton for me. whats ur opinion on:
  8. why mitch rob? just do 1-1 for hayward vs wood. I'd give hayward & theis if you still want 2-2 kindly help with mine!
  9. Hi there, depends on what u need. giving 2 for 1 is usually non-beneficial as u need to drop another player. if ur looking for rebound, then drummond. but I'd stick with Doncic as he is invaluable giving all stats: points, rebound, assist, 3pt. kindly give ur opinion on mine, thanks!