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  1. 14 committed and interested members. League discord set up for communication. Minor league draft starts soon. 2 spots left. Email me at john.wm.dalton@gmail.com for the constitution.
  2. Need to fill two more spots. March 8 auction. Email john.wm.dalton@gmail.com for the Constitution
  3. Here is my post. Let me know if you want to see the Constitution. john.wm.dalton@gmail.com
  4. I think two potential owners might be out. Auction looks set for March 8 at 3pm Eastern. Email me (john.wm.dalton@gmail.com) if you would like to see the Constitution. Have 14 committed owners ready to get moving
  5. 16th owner just committed and the league is now full. Thanks, everyone!
  6. Had a nibble for this spot, but still looking for a final confirmed owner. email me at john.wm.dalton@gmail.com to see the Constitution!
  7. Actually only 2 now! Email me to sign up (john.wm.dalton@gmail.com)
  8. Have some people looking at the last spots but no one locked in yet. Still two open spots in this unique league. Email me at john.wm.dalton@gmail.com for the Constitution
  9. About to send out LeagueSafe invites. Still have two spots left to fill. Email me for the Constitution