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  1. Would it help if I added their salaries?
  2. Just punt on catcher? Very weak position
  3. And sorry it’s OBP no AVG and it’s QS no Wins
  4. Picking 6 for an expansion team Roto 5x5 Wilson Contreras Salvador Perez Jose Abreu Edwin Encarnacion Jeff McNeil Ryan McMahon Eduardo Escobar Tommy Edman Jorge Polanco Tim Anderson Eddie Rosario Bryan Reynolds Willie Calhoun Charlie Morton Zac Gallen Andrew Heaney Nick Anderson Eduardo Rodriguez Kirby Yates Yu Darvish Lance Lynn Giovanny Gallegos
  5. My buddy is drafting an expansion team in a dynasty keeper league with contracts. He gets to pick 6 guys that were dropped and not kept by others. Would you go the cheap route and draft guys with value or load up on some more expensive guys. Another option would be nice mix of both I guess depending how much you want to enter draft with. $260 for draft. Cost of players picked up is how much they were drafted for. If they were a free agent and they weren’t drafted, they start at $5.
  6. No I’m keeping them all. The question was how long to extend all of them. I’m thinking 3 for smith and Biggio and 2 for paddack
  7. I am thinking 2 for paddack. I just don't like longer deals for pitchers due to injury.
  8. Need to offer contracts to Will Smith (C) and Biggio. They would both start at $5. How many years would you be willing to go on players like this that haven't proved it consistently yet? Especially at catcher, which is so thin. I also have Paddack starting at $11 and need to make a decision on years as well. Increases $5 each year.
  9. Robert all day. Not high like some on Merrifield for this year.
  10. What site does everyone feel most reliable/accurate year in and year out for ranking prospects?
  11. No max although I’ve never seen a 5 year deal I don’t think. Only 4. The contract goes up $5 every year. Not sure if that’s standard in these type leagues.
  12. Last keeper for my dynasty league: Lourdes Gurriel or Franmil Reyes? Thoughts on both and would you lock either in on more than a one year contract?
  13. I was wondering what length contracts you guys typically give out when a player is due for one. Does it depend on position etc? I know you probably don’t go more than 2 years on pitchers due to injury possibility unless they are special. Thoughts?
  14. Trade is now Eloy, Luzardo, Benny for Flaherty, Tucker, Royce Lewis?
  15. ESPN League and I can keep 15. Standard scoring: Will Smith Carlos Santana Hiura Devers Turner Mondesi Yuli Gurriel Pham Laureano Soler Yordan Alvarez Puig Luis Castillo Hader Greinke Paddack Quantrill Verlander Urias Edwin Diaz
  16. One last time before I have to give him an answer: Giving up Flaherty, Adell Receiving Eloy, Benintendi, Luzardo Keeper dynasty league. Complicated as far as keepers, contracts etc but keeper dynasty league. Interested in hearing the reasoning for either side. I have been hesitant but want to be convinced. I am a little light on SP and still have Paddack but I think I like the package. Pitching- ERA, WHIP, QS, K, SV Hitting- HR, RBI, OBP, SB, R
  17. Agreed. Catcher is so thin too. Probably have a chance at one of those other guys in the draft anyway
  18. Keeper aren’t due yet but I was just figuring it based off where those two guys have typically been drafted.
  19. Not sure where he would fall in those players, but I like Alvarez a lot this year