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  1. I may be interested email is
  2. As of now think of declining
  3. The trade is Dylan Carlson (STL) for Brendan McKay (TPR). I’d be getting McKay.Just wondering what some opinions are. The league just started
  4. May be interested. Can email me at with more information
  5. I’m looking for a dynasty league. I’m looking for a league where there i can control a teams minors as well as roster. Open to salary cap or other options. Looking for a active league even if just discussion during the inactive period atm. Fan of the cardinals but open to other teams. Can be an orphan team or a startup league. Email me and let me know ty
  6. Looking to join a 4 sport league. Okay with either trades between sports being allowed or not allowed. Just really looking for an active league could be a new startup dynasty or take over for an inactive owner . My email is
  7. Interested can you please email so I can get in contact and discuss joining when you have time
  8. I am looking for a new dynasty league to join. I’m looking for a league where you own all players within the organization unless traded. My number one team would be the STL Cardinals since I an a fan of them and have the most knowledge about them. Active daily just email me with any questions/information ty.
  9. Looking for a league to join that is a dynasty league where you take over all players on a team and have the rights to all prospects and future international signings/draft picks. Willing to take over a team or join a startup. My #1 team if available would be the STL Cardinals. Email me at If a slot is available. I’ll check that more often than here ty.
  10. Interested. Email is I am very active and would not mind taking a rebuilding team.
  11. looking for a league where you own all minor players from your teams organization. Looking for the cardinals but open to other teams. My email is and I check it often.
  12. I may be interested
  13. Just wondered if the cardinals are still available. I’m a cardinal fan and would love to be the GM for them. I have been looking for a league that has all prospects the organization has unless traded . Email me if still available at
  14. Interested if a spot is still available. My email is
  15. Just posting here with my email if a team becomes available I’m interested and I check the email multiple times a day. My name is chase.
  16. Interested if not filled. if it’s still open I check the email more often
  17. this is my email. I may be interested in joining too if a slot is available
  18. I’m interested if a team is still available. Just email me if there is one I could take over. My email is . I will be active daily
  19. I may also be interested. I haven’t be on fantrax before but I’m active daily. Lmk if there is an open team still available.